Training help

When im in the training room i usually do combos and anti airs. But how do I practice footsies? ( I’m aware of maj’s footsies guide)

You practice footsies by playing real people.

Figures…but any tips on how to utilise the training room?

Memorize the exact range of your character’s pokes.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is a real soild way to practice footies in the training room. The absolute best way to practice is to just go into a match with the mindset of learning how to keep your feet planted on the ground. Do not jump in under any circumstance, learn to walk forward and use your normals to pave the way while effectively zoning the other character from approching you, learn your charaters anti air normals and shut down their jump game. Remember, it’s very important that you not jump in at all. Depending on your character you may be outmatched in the footise game by another character, learning what your characters best poke is and against other characters is key as well.

But if you want to utilize the training room, just make friends online and try and ask them to help you train in a match. Only other way i can think of.

you can practice footsies by yourself but its difficult

For example, if you have problems with Akuma’s sweep, you can record Akuma throwing it out over and over, and see what your character can do about it if it whiffs/gets blocked.

You can also figure out at which range you’re most likely to land a counter hit with one of your normals, if you get them at the right time. Its easier than it sounds

Anything else?