Training in UMVC3



I have a few questions and I guess I should probably ask them right now! Will fighting CPUs in versus/training mode help me become a better player? How about online mode? Are there any general tips that you guys can throw my way? I just learned how to advancing guard yesterday, and I got this game about 3 days ago. I have had a lot of fun with it, but I know that it is best enjoyed at a competitive level.

I mostly just want to know if I can basement-dwell and fight CPUs.


You can really only get so far fighting bots, because almost no human will react the way a bot will.

The best way to learn to play against real players is to just play against real players.


Playing the CPU isn’t going to improve you as a player, you need to find other people to play with, either live or online, and take your lumps. Once you get some experience playing against humans, you will see what you need to improve on, and then you can take that back to training mode with you and work on it. Good luck.