Training IRL

Is there an online resource or place here on SRK for real life meetups where I can go to hone my game / train with others? I really love fighting games and I’m interested on seeing if I can take my game to the next level, but all my friends in real life don’t really play fighting games. I feel like playing against them is actually detrimental to my progression as a player since I am learning how to play against people who are not good / don’t care about getting better. I know there are probably others out there like myself in the same situation, and a real life meetup with people who are good for training would be beneficial. I personally live in Chicago and I imagine living in a big city will probably make this easier, being a noob I figured I’d ask in here.

Under forums there are regional threads where you can post to people around your area

Regional Matchmaking

It’s in the forums dropdown tab.

Thanks guys, man this forum is active.

SRK baby! ?

I don’t have much else to do while I’m at work. =P

regional matchmaking or just befriend some of the people you play online/meet at an arcade.