Training mode all day? [Lag discussion]

I honestly think that levels can fuck up connection between some people [Antartica is a bad on imo] but im not sure if it is just coincidental.

Anyone else have lag issues if you don’t use the training stage?

Edit: yup im having terrible skipping on non training stage. only gonna if i play ranked host so i don’t have to worry about shit levels. Latency i can understand but its completely fucked. i see myself hitting someone with a low jab then i get hit by their jab? i jab once and i see 2 hit animations? training all day imo. Maybe its what zukuu is talking about, but i dont care what it is the other levels are shit imo

This isn’t how “lag” works, or do you mean slow-downs?

I drop frames on stages like pandora’s box online. Usually choose training stage for this reason.

Yes slow downs or the game “lagging” behind mr. technical :stuck_out_tongue: lol you know what i mean

Nothing to do with nitpicking, when speaking about fighting games and no further context, “lag” is usually meant as “online (input) lag (delay)”.
Slow-downs are an entire different case.

I didn’t notice any slow-downs so far tho. There is sometimes an identical frame added, but that seems to be due to 59.94 FPS time code, when recording.

Damn dude you’re precise. “There is sometimes an identical frame added, but that seems to be due to 59.94 FPS time code, when recording.”

Thanks for the info. In a fighting game forum online lag should only refer to internet latency its my bad

For the PC version, you may want to encourage playing on the Training Stage (though it’s definitely not necessary), but on consoles the only lag should be due to the connection since everyone is running on the same machine.

Agreed Links… however as of late I’m more apt to pick training stage or the 2-3 stages that I like and have minimal craziness going on: Warzone, Mishima Temple, Antartica. :stuck_out_tongue:

idk how this game deal with lag but i get much more “repeated frames” if im not in training. Its nothing like normal lag where there is a pause but its literally frames getting double up. I see myself hit someone then they hit me (makes no sense) or i hit them twice with the same normal (also wtf).

Idk what is but maybe its just their way of compensating for latency? idk i dont know at all how these games are coded and how any game netcode works.

Yeah, this is what I was thinking too.

Is there an actual reason as to why training stage would have less lag/slowdown/whatever? I figure it may be helpful on PC to play on the training stage because the other levels may be so graphically intensive that it causes slowdown on the local machine. I imagine this then would also cause slowdown for their opponent online as the two machines try to sync up. On a console however, this shouldn’t matter… right?

But I’ve also heard people swear up and down that training stage has less lag and slowdown, but no one has ever given an actual reason. If there is one (I honestly have no idea how this netcode stuff works) I’d be very interested to know what it is!

I’m one of those people man, play two bar connection on Jurassic era research facility, frames dropping errday. Play on Training Stage, perfect.

I just assumed because Training Stage is just a simple box there is less computing involved which should mean less data to sync up…?

The stages are irrelevant to the outcome of a match, agreed? The only things being sent over the connection are the inputs (from your controllers) and occasionally the current state of the match. This is why you have “teleporting” - sometimes a button press does not get sent, and the game has to “catch up”. The backgrounds may cause frame skipping, but this is unlikely the cause of input delay or “teleporting”. A player with a good connection should be fine to play against even on Pandora’s Box.

Doesn’t sound crazy to me!

It might be because of the rollback netcode itself.

(It’s accepted that both consoles already struggle with the “busier” stages, right? I’ve been led to believe that they do drop frames during offline play.)

Every time a rollback occurs, the engine has to (re)load a new (old) game state. The hope is that this will take less than a frame to accomplish, i.e. it will be virtually instantaneous.

The more deeply the engine has been set up to accommodate rollback netcode, the less it should have to reload to accomplish a rollbsck.

The extreme example is PC GGPO, where the netcode has zero access to the inner workings of the game itself so, everytime a rollback happens, the emulator is actually loading an entire game savestate. As I understand it, this is why 3S (noticeably imperfect) runs worse than ST (practically flawless): the emulator could load ST savestates a lot faster/cleaner than it could load 3S ones.

Depending on exactly what (how much or how little) SFxT actually reloads for a rollback, it’s conceivable that a busier stage could require more work (time) from the system. It would then make sense that the netcode (functioning “properly” and as intended) could indirectly disproportionately exacerbate the degree of inherent (offline) frame-dropping that the busier stages already suffer from.

If you read this and don’t understand me, please don’t stop loving rollback netcode! It is still incomparably better than the old alternative (delay netcode).