Training mode drills

I was just wondering what kind of drills/practice the guys in this forum do to improve their T.Hawk game. I saw the below article recently and wonder what we can do in the T.Hawk’s context.

Personally, I don’t really put time into training mode and spent most of the time playing endless matches online or be off playing randoms at my neighborhood arcade (we got 8 arcade machines hooked up for link play)

I like trying out new setups/mixups when get an opponent knocked/thrown down, like right now I’m trying learn all the crossup Condor Dive setups on every character. It’s alittle gimmicky but it’s a good way to keep the opponent guessing. " OMG, is he gonna crossup splash or is he gonna crossup Condor Dive?! ".

Another new thing I’m trying out is doing a crossup splash -> jump back LP canceled into Condor Dive (This is also character specific since the jump back LP will whiff on certain characters). It’s a fuzzy guard and people can have a hard time blocking this.

practice post-LP SPD mixups:
-make crossup splash as ambiguous as possible by minimizing the distance you walk forward before jumping to cross up
-Set CPU to random guard and practice hit-confirming off of splash into s.MP xx DP
-Practice, s.lp xx DP for empty jump low after a jump-in (1-frame link)
-Practice option selecting DP, 360, or u2 for certain matchups.

Practice links:
-s.LP, s.MP
-s.LP, far s.LK
-s.LP, cr.MK
-close s.MP, s.LP
-close s.HP, cr.MK
-close s.MP, s.MP

I didn’t think that this worked, can’t they block between the j.LP and the condor dive? You have to be jumping forward at like point blank for it to actually combo.

I actually am fortunate enough to have a roommate who is not a street fighter player but a good overall 2d player. Him and I practice together working on character matchups and also working on eachothers reactions…

A “drill” we really like to do is do put eachother in OKI situations and we try to get out of them. Once the defender succesfully gets out of an OKi situation we switch who is the offender and who the defender is.

Another drill we is practice against defense heavy characters. A drill I love doing is him picking Dhalsim and have him try to keep me out. Once I succefully get in and keep him there ( time varies obviously) we switch off. He himself plays Zangeif/Sagat.

A drill that is easy that you can do without another person is to train yourself to react to jumps and certain normals.

I set the dummy to push random buttons in a footsie situation… Lets use Chun for example and I want to punish stand feirce… I record the dummy doing things that all chuns do but during this “imaginary” sitatuation I have the dummy to a stand Feirce right outside my range, and in my range. Once you have the dummy doing it enough times its going to naturally screw up what you recorded if you hit them out of it, making the test much more random.

The same is done with jump ins. Record the dummy and have it play as if it was an actual person and just have it jump in randomlly to test your reactions on DP. Since you have to do DP a little earlier with T.hawk than most characters it makes it very much genuine.

My question to you is what are you trying to improve?

My training drills:


BnB Combos

** = standard and large hitbox character combos only

s. strong > s. strong > s. strong**

cl. jab > s. strong > s. jab > cr. forward**

s. strong > s. jab > cr. forward

cross up splash > s. strong xx ex-spire/tomahawk

cross up splash > cl. forward xx LP tomahawk (used for characters like balrog, does 300+ damage)


Dash forward > Ultra I (difficult to learn, but crucial to top level play)

Dash back > Ultra I

*Be sure to practice from both sides of the screen other you’ll start making the 720 buffer slower by going a certain direction instead of what’s the quicker input.

Ultra 2. (Set Juri to do neutral jump rh over and over again. Then learn to input it fast enough to catch her on the second one on the way down)

s. strong > Ultra 1 (Be able to tick ultra off of standing strong on block AND on hit.) The on hit s. strong leaves them wide open since they’re just wanting to block the rest of the string already

FADC opponents normals > Ultra I/SPD
Random Akuma sweeps, chun li’s fierce punch/roundhouse, close range tiger shots, ryu’s cr. roundhouse, Oni f + fierce, etc.



forward j. MK (youtube it)

  • Practice after LP SPD on Deejay. Set him to do wake up EX-up kicks

cross up splash

  • Practice after LP SPD on Ken. Set him to do LP SRK

Hit-confirm Max range LVL 1 Focus Attack > Dash back > Dash forward > LP Tomahawk (can be HP on some characters)

Focus Attack LVL 3 > Ultra II


Cross up Condor dive after LP SPD

cl. strong xx EX-Spire (after knockdown) Dash forward > cross up condor dive

They can block it, but for some reason when I use this against people most of them don’t. It’s not hard to block I guess some people forget to do it, lol.

If you want access to combos that do what links into EX GH do for Gief (i.e. make the opponent want to block during your pressure) then you should probably start looking at:

  1. Close jab (confirm), close jab xx Strong Tomahawk
  2. Close jab, close jab (confirm), Jab Tomahawk/EX Tomahawk
  3. Close jab (confirm), close strong xx EX Spire

Simple stuff, all hit-confirms, all require Hawk to be right in the opponent’s face, but more likely to make an opponent less willing to jump/mash out of close range pressure. If you want to make it even better, turn random block on and practice hit confirming one close jab and linking it into Jab Tomahawk. That pretty much removes the need to guess close strong xx EX Spire if the first jab is blocked. On about 70% of the cast, you can do close jab, close jab (confirm), far jab xx Jab Tomahawk to make confirming the second jab easier. Against some characters, you need to take a stutter step forward after the first close jab, the rest can be hit by the link without moving.

Besides looking at how different tools work in different mid-range situations, that’s my drill.

@ ChazzSteel - If you’re having problems getting the jab to combo into dive use ex instead. The fuzzy guard works best on tall characters (mainly, Sagat). A little harder on characters with medium height.

There are a few things I ALWAYS do:
-10 successful Ultra II’s in a row. I usually open and close with this, since U2 has been my trouble spot since AE launched (though I was flawless with it on Super…go figure).
-Combos off of the cross-up splash (generally Splash, Strong, and either Tomahawk or EX Spire).
-Dash into super
-Jab into super

After that sort of stuff, I’ll do various things. I like to practice counterpoking. So I’ll pick an opponent, record them constantly whipping out their best poke, and try to beat it consistently.

@chazz, to combo jump jab > dive you need time it like so.

It’s more like a double tap than a combo. There’s almost no delay in doing and be sure that you hit the jab at the head level.

Think of a 4/4 music time signature. 1 2 3 4. This would qualify as a 1/16 note. It’s very quick but it’s not like a plink.

Also, a better way of practicing Ultra II. Set Ken to do his light SRK. With T. hawk, hold down back and block it, then punish with ultra II, that’ll bring up your speed/consistency pretty darn quick. It’ll take a few days to get it programmed into muscle memory, but once it’s there it’ll be cake

jump jab doesn’t combo into condor dive from some ranges no matter how fast you do it. As far as I know it never combos if you jump backwards, and it only combos on a forward jump if you’re basically point-blank to the other character.

Of course it doesn’t combo from all ranges. It has to be point blank lol. you can only do the jump back jab > dive on standing characters. It doesn’t work on small hitbox characters (sakura, guile, etc).

The only times I use it are when I’ve trained the opponent to expect cross up splashes


I quickly fraps’d me doing both back jump LP and forward jump LP into Condor Dive and they both combo. Sorry for lack of sound, I didn’t realise that Fraps also picks up the music I was listening to so I took the sound out.

the jump back worked because you did EX dive, which is faster and combos from more ranges.

Ah, I wasn’t aware you could do a normal Condor Dive from a Jump back jab, tried out in training mode - it’s not that much harder to do, for me anyway.