Training Mode Help


Hello. I have the sudden burst of energy to learn more about this game so here I am in training mode. I would like to practice safe jump ins against a wake up move like Jago’s DP.
The problem is I can’t get the cpu to record a wakeup attack. I’ve tried to do a dp immediately after I back out of the record screen but after a hard knockdown there is delay. I also tired to recored a wake up DP when the cpu was just getting up but on replay it is a delay.

Can anyone help meh pl0x?! :frowning:


I’ve struggled with this myself. Only way I found was getting a mate to do a load of wakeups.


Bumping this in case I wasn’t clear enough. When recording I am doing a wake up DP with what seems like zero lag between the record menu and the move.

The DP move is a wake up I am doing. The problem is on the replay it IS NOT a wake up move, there is a delay.

Basically is it even possible to record a wakeup DP? I have tried many times with no luck.


I’ve never been sure about how to discover safe jumps or what to do against wakeup options, but all the videos I’ve ever watched for option selects and safe jumps are done the exact opposite from what you are doing. They record the safe jump or option select from their character and not the wakeup from the other character.

So say I think I have a crossup that will stuff Jago’s DP on wakeup. I’ll record Orchid doing that setup and then play as Jago and try various things to beat it. Hope that helps out a bit.


Thank you so much!!! I’m not a competitive player and I only play by myself. That was great advise. Thank you very very much.


I guess I might as well keep posting here to not clog up space on the forum.

Anyway, now I have developed a few Mix up’s, Resets, and Unbreakables and I want to transfer this skill to a real match. The problem I am having is actually doing it in a real match. The match seems to move to fast for my fingers. I understand with my head whats going on but I cant relay the message fast enough I guess.

To fix this problem should I keep playing online(my only choice) and grind it out, or go back to training mode and try to increase my technical skill there?


if you can consistently do the combo without much effort in training mode then online/multiplayer is the next step. Once you get a feel for fighting the different characters/styles online you will find your opportunities to use the combos/mix ups that you have taught yourself in training. It is a beautiful thing when it all comes together.