Training mode regimen



Hey guys I am pretty new to Sagat and have no idea what kind of things I should be training.
I have mainly just been practicing hit confirming c.lp low TS/Fierce TU. I am still kind of
confused on how tiger knee pressure works. Any one have any pointers or can you tell me
the things you go in to training mode to practice.


The thing about tiger knee traps is that they are somewhat character specific. A few work well against most of the cast however.

cr lk, cr lk, st lp, lk tigerknee follow this up with cr lp, st lk, tigerknee and finally lp tigerknee.

That’s something to tinker around with for now. Dont go too crazy though as you could easily get dp’ed out of a tiger knee trap.


Thanks for the response! I am usually at a loss when it comes to applying pressure with Sagat.

I have been using Gouken since vanilla so I have a very defensive play style and didn’t really learn

a lot of his pressure game. Trying to dig my self out of this hole of bad habits and predictable play.


I am also having a hard time finding practical uses for some of Sagats tools… Mainly Kara anything.

When and why do you use a Kara tiger shot. Kara uppercuts I can understand sorta and kara knees

I can see that they can be good with starting a pressure game? Whats an ideal situation for using these tools?


Kara TU = This is best used in tiger shot traps. Chuck low tigershots which induce your opponent into a jump in…when they do and they think that they are out of range, you surprise them by moving forward with a kara TU and blasting them out of the air. If you arent used to this you can run it through on practice mode.

forward hk kara tiger uppercut is the preferred version as it is faster. kara lk tiger uppercut travels further horizontally but is slower and hence easier to be poked out of before the uppercut comes out. To perform either move it is easier to input forward kick and then quickly input down forward punch before the kick comes out.

Kara tigerknees are used primarily to cover long distances when your opponent is knocked down. Seeing as sagat’s walk speed is one of the worst in the game, you can bypass this by doing a forward lk kara tiger knee to launch him forward and land right in front of your opponent to start applying wakeup pressure.

Kara tigershots are used for positional advantage. As a sagat player in this version of the game, you have to make peace with the fact that the corner will be your abode. You are a denizen of the corner. You are the corner tour guide of the game from left to right. Oh and did i say that you have to be comfortable in the corner? …anyway, Seeing as you are going to be pushed back a lot of the time, any ground you can gain moving forward is a minor victory. A kara tigershot is useful in this sense where it allows Sagat to stay offensive (throwing tigershots) while moving forward (gaining valuable space that he could trade back on his way to the corner).

Sagat is also a defensive character, much like gouken, however with crappier tools in this version of the game. If you are used to gouken, i fail to see why you would want to switch to Sagat especially considering the fact that gouken is a better zoner and overall better character right now.

If you do decide to use Sagat, the character is fun to play and has some of the most satisfying buttons in the game, but this all comes at the cost of most fights being an uphill battle.

Good luck



I wanted to move away from Gouken a bit because I developed what i think were some bad habits and becoming to predictable in long drawn out fights.

I also felt I would win matches just because most players are not that familiar with Gouken. With more people being familiar with Sagat I feel like I will be

able to get away with less shenanigans and force me to deal with people that have dealt with a more popular character. And Sagat is fun to play.


Gouken has insane damage output and slightly better zoning than Sagat but I still think Sagat is slightly better due to being able to stop focus attacks and a fireball with faster startup, which is better for close up pressure.

Kara TS, besides the reasons Krim, mentioned is also good for changing fireball timing. I go for kara TS after a long range knockdown or when they duck a high TS. You can catch them jumping or walking forward.