Training mode unfly

Hey, what’s a good way to get into unfly mode in training mode if you don’t have any friends?? anyone?

In training mode, set it to manual controls. Then with player 2, give player 1 unfly mode.

If you only have 1 controller, set it to cpu, pick your characters, then fly around until they hit you.


yeah i don’t anyone to give it to me. i tried doing it myself but damn that is hard to do.

it’s hard to do?

you’re joking?

Dont you just, you know, do the command again to get out of fly mode?


you can use that fake fly aka false fly aka artificial unfly trick. That way you don’t have to set it to manual in training mode to get it. However the fake unfly strings don’t give you full total control.

what’s the point of doing that then…

also, i thoguht to achieve artificial unfly mode, you need to have already had unfly during the match.

Lol. You can get artificial unfly from all kinds of stuff.

i don’t see a good way to set it up yourself. i don’t know it’s hard to juggle two controllers and pause it or whatever. it’s a pain in the ass and i suck at it.

Am I being leveled here?

How is it hard to do? Here it is one step by step way of achieving unfly, assuming you want to unfly with player 1:

  1. Turn on Dreamcast
  2. After everything loads, enter the training mode.
  3. Pick any characters for 1st and 2nd player
  4. When training mode starts, pause > dummy > manual controls
  5. Pick the characters you want for player 1. Optional: Pick the characters you want for player 2 or just pick randomly.

Ok…here comes the tricky part…

  1. With player 1: put your character on fly, fly low.
  2. Put the controller down.
  3. Pick up controller 2. Walk up next to the flying play 1 character and tap s.lp or j.lp to hit them.
  4. Put down controller 2.
  5. Pick up controller 1 and enjoy unfly mode.

Repeat whenever necessary.

it’s easier than that even

from step 5…pick up 2nd controller, and do a move that knocks you up but not on your back (launch is easiest…)

since I practice against clockwork (3 dif. char. sizes) and all of their fierces will cause unfly, correct?

if this is too hard for you, I think you should give up marvel

no pausing or juggling. I leave the 2nd controller around and whenever I need to, get the character close and do a fierce

That’s another set-up of course.

I hope we aren’t making things too difficult.


^ best avatar evar!


wow, i had no idea i got unfly off just a magneto launch. usually in matches i just do most of my combos as if i have unfly and hope it works. usually just to tag damage on the end of big air combos. i’m semi aware of when i have unfly and when i don’t. sorry i don’t know the unfly system thru and thru i never really thought about how to do training mode unfly until the other day. I gotta say you guys definitely came through with the easiest method ever. thanks a lot!

heres how you really do it

pick team on p1
pick capcom assist for p2
set p2 to manual, change the p2 buttons so the face buttons = capcom assist
put that shit on the ground
use your feet to call capcom while flying to get unfly

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your response: “mahvel?” O_O


didn’t you write it?

i didn’t read either