Training partner? (does anyone still play?...)

Hey, I was looking for a training partner who knows all of the advanced tatics in the game such as tri-jumping, infinites, etc, that would be willing to share some time with me to improve my game.

psn : 1337_kairu

also lemme know what instant messaging you have so we could chat and I could ask you guys questions.

Im looking to go on asap so lemme know guys. Im in pratice mode right now trying to get down my triangle jump.

I kinda of stopped playing on XBL to 2 reasons:
[]Ragequitters, what’s the point?
]RROD for the 5th time
Other than that I still play it on DC but all I do is mess around in training mode, arcade mode is just way to damn easy even on the hardest difficulty. I could help out a little through AIM or MSN, just PM me for my info. I’m not the best but I know the basics.

GameFAQs and SRK should have everything you want to know about infinites and tri-jumping. You can level up on those offline in Training Room much more quickly than you would online.

I’m down to be your sparring partner. Been playing this game since arcade, but because I hate sticks so much I been on the consoles. I’m not pro by any means, trying to get there so I can participate in the next EVO and not get waxed lol (which will prolly happen anyway). You can add me on PSN @ yeyzor. Guess we could help each other learn. Though I agree with Preppy, this forums has many many resources.

I personally think I’m a horribly sloppy player because I don’t spend much/any time in training mode. Spending time in training mode lets you improve your technical skills which will help you everywhere. Playing against another person online will teach you more about mashing than about dedicated precision. :smile:

i was a horrible masher until i found this site…now im a solidly below average player. thanks, SRK!

Yeah I can tell. I remember playing you about a month ago and I pick team Row and you picked team Scrub and boy did I laugh you Preppy. :rofl:

GG though.

Lol @ Preppy. Yeah I’m like at the crossroads between masher and precision. I mash when I’m lazy, but in training mode I rarely do, it’s weird. Prolly because there’s no pressure to win or anything.

Yeah that’s one thing I hate about training mode cause if you spend a lot of time in there you’d get used to the character just standing there and won’t have any type of defense.