Training Partner/Sensei?


Hi, somewhat still new to mvc2, just wondering if maybe someone would be cool with doing some matches online(buddies that use to play all converted back to tekken lol so that means noone to “practice” with on mvc anymore…) Maybe teaching me a few things through matches instead of through tutorials online etc. Practice on hi/low blocks, overall mechanics of the game. Also feel like I’ve picked up alot of bad habits online with assists and other things possibly. Been driving me crazy that it just won’t click for me on mvc lol won’t come full circle u know what i mean XD. Sadly i don’t have a headset, i do have a keyboard though.

PSN:BeastModeSupreme, message me on here or psn, all is much appreciated peace and take care shoryuken community.


well ur definitely in the right place


im always down for friendlies, but i suck