Training regimen for a new player?


I have played fighting games before in the arcades but it was mostly a button mashing good time. Now that I actually own the game, I want to learn it very badly. I am looking for help with both UMVC3 and SSFIV and how to improve. I just bought a Mad Catz Fightstick Pro and am trying to get used to the feel. If there is anyone that is willing to help me, my XBL GT is in my signature. My team on UMVC3 right now is Tron/Dante/Morrigan and I have been using Rufus on SSFIV. If there is any advice that the SRK community can give me it would be greatly appreciated.



Just play the game consistently and don’t stop. Also play against other players, that’s how you learn.

And accept that you’re going to do badly and get destroyed for a long time, before you gain the skills & experience to do respectable against others.


You can always YouTube combos and practice them in Training mode.
Other than that, it really depends on how long you play, and just knowing what to do in certain situations.


Thanks guys for the tips and I already figured that I wouldn’t be like Daigo right away due to the dexterity that the game requires. So here I am plugging along with a goal of being one of the better players


What fighters did you play previously and for how long? Any good at them?


just started playing so I’m still working on finding a set of characters that I’m good with


No. I mean what other fighting games did you play previously?


I’ve played past mvc and sf in arcades but it was mostly a “button mashing good time” style but now I actually want to learn mechanics and specific moves.
As far as characters go, I never had a specific set that I always played with.


Youtube, finish trials, training in the lab for hours and playing people locally if possible. Online if you have to but that’s not the best route. Find your local fighting game spot. If you don’t got one just do what was said earlier as much as you can. Practice that execution.


that is what I’ve been doing mostly lately and I’ve been looking around for a local game spot but it’s pretty scarce without having to travel for over an hour


Yeah, if your fighting game community is about an hour or more to get to, plan accordingly when you can go. My cousin since he lives like 2 hours away plans maybe to come once a month or in about 2 weeks. Just do what works and plan accordingly when you can take a trip out to test how far your trainings paid off.


I just found out that there’s a place close by that holds tourneys every other month but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that level just yet. Hopefully in a few months I will get the confidence and there are no arcades that I can go in for a low risk challenge


You know, its not always a bad thing to try a tournament even if your not at the level you want to be. Just having the experience of going to a tournament is good training in itself. The biggest mistake new people have at tournaments is not communicating with the players there. You can build a good relationship to learn new tactics and they can help you get better as well. Going to a tournament can just tell you how far you got to work as well which can help you train even more.


That’s a tough team to play for someone who is mostly just getting into it. Both Dante and Morrigan are very high-execution. Are you experienced enough with fighting games that bold canceling Dante’s stinger into combos, and flight canceling Morrigan’s soul fists (and using her air dash) isn’t a problem?


I’m thinking about spectating this tournament and playing in the next one. They hold them either every month or every other month


actually right now I’m mainly focusing on AE and UMVC3 is on the back burner for now