Training Regimen?

Saw this on the Magneto board: Training Regimen at this, what would you consider a decent training regiment to prepare for tournaments/shake off the rust?  I have her as anchor, so I usually just practice XF3 combos and Doom THC Mixup, and usually only with Solar Flare and/or Thunder Edge combos.<br>

I believe the best training is practice. In this case, play her on point. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any good assists for her (though Ammy goes well with everyone); just making her play honest at the beginning is solid enough.

Practice weapon-switch combos to boost your execution. This includes stuff like Solar Flare -> Thunder Glaive during her ground series, and conversions such as j.H Beads -> Glaive -> Dive.

Practice the specific strengths of each weapon. For solar flare, get used to using your counters. For glaive, get used to pokes and using Thunder Edge to move around the screen. For beads, get used to poking with j.H and with Cold Star (but with one shot, as that has less recovery time).

Add that to general fundamentals practice, as Amaterasu is a fundamental character. You need more than tech to use her well, you need the wisdom behind it.