Training Regimen

Hey Shoryuken

I would like to get better at fighting games, but I’m not very sure on what or how to practice.

Anyone have any ideas or comments on how i should learn and become better?

Pick character
Learn range and speed of normal moves
Learn range, speed and mechanics of special moves
Learn combos
Practice combos
Play vs. live competition
Practice specific scenarios that will be common

Then just keep playing people, practice your execution on links / cancels, and look at top videos to identify key problems in all the characters gameplay.

Cool story bro.

Here is a post which should answer your questions:

Work on your basics. WORK ON YOUR BASICS.

It makes no sense practicing FADC into Ultra when you can’t even hit someone with it.

There are lots of different things you can do to become a stronger player, but I personally think that, if you only want to try one thing, this one is probably the most simple and the most fun:

Every time you lose a game, write down or mentally note why you think you lost. Either immediately or later on, find a solution to each reason. You will be amazed at how much you seem to magically improve in a very short amount of time.

  1. Practice execution. Hit training mode and do an SRK 50 times in a row, hadouken,a combo, super etc etc EVERY DAY!
  2. During a match, if you see something working… abuse it! But don’t get predictable.
  3. If you lose a match, try to think why you lost that match. Did you miss an SRK? Should you have jumped forward instead of back? Should you have been texting your friend right before you got crossed up and touch of deathed?
  4. Mix up mix up mix up!!! Confuse your opponent.
  5. Have fun.

Hope it helps!

Sounds good! Keep up the ideas I’m loving it!


How does everyone feel about Keeping one character versus switching it up and learning a lot?

Learn your character. Switching it up is neccesary to keep having fun with the game (its not a job), but if you stay with one character, you start to discover a deeper game than if you just scratch the surface with the whole cast, and you’ll enjoy it longer and have better matches.

Yeah good point. Personally i find it hard to juggle characters unless they have similar play styles