Training Stage Conspiricy

Why do people think this stage lags less than other stages? (Not the PC version) If I recall correctly, everyone started picking the training stage after Evo2k11 because that’s the stage the grand finals took place on.

Can someone people show me some proof that this stage lags less than the others? I know some of you would be happy playing with a black background and wire frames as characters, but please enlighten me on this.

Anything found in the background isn’t using any sort of bandwidth unless the hippos in the Africa stage are secretly connecting to our peer to peer games.

hippos don’t play games… besides, there in a game… you make little sense.

Hungry Hippos do play games:

I don’t know about laggy issues with training stage, but I like using it because there is no background clutter to distract from the fighting. It also helps figuring out your spacing.

ive heard this before… is this a beginner thing? I don’t know anyone who has ever mentioned being distracted by the levels.

ive seen every lvl at least a million times a peace… hell, the most bothersome things about any of those lvl’s is the training lvl’s music.

duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-na-na (X3) and then > ne na na - na na THATS THE WHOLE SONG.

Since im learning spacing and footsies and all that good stuff I like to pick training because it helps. I haven’t encountered any lagging due to the stages though.

I’m not really a “beginner” so I’m not sure if it’s a “beginner thing”. I know that when I use the rocks (as Cody) in that diner stage or at the rail yard, it can be a pain in the ass to see them (for the opponent). Also, I find some alternate costumes cause characters to blend in with the background a bit (I’m looking at you Blanka) but maybe that’s my old man eyes.

actually, i could agree with codys rocks. Thats the only thing that comes to mind tho.

I only get distracted when that damn cow falls over

Less distraction, nothing going on in the background just a plain white stage with some lines.

There’s no conspiracy. You are more likely to experience frame rate drops on certain stages than others. Training Stage is probably the least likely of all the stages to exhibit drops in frame rate.

The only stage I REALLY don’t like is the crumbling factory. And at a slightly less degree the hippo one.
Maybe I just have bad luck, but those stages always tend to be a huge hassle sometimes…
Also, I’m pretty sure that the crumbling factory can get noticeable framerate drops offline… but I only read that somewhere, so I can’t confirm it’s truth.

Volcanic Rim should be removed from the game.

In SF4 I enabled the “show FPS on screen” option and I noticed that when the scenario gets too fancy simultaneously when I’m performing some visually complex combo (ex: an ultra), the FPS drops about 5 ou 6 frames, and it doesn’t happen when I’m on training stage.

Perhaps some of you didn’t read where I said this doesn’t apply to the PC version of the game. Also, the only stage I find distracting and should be removed from the game is drive in at night. People that say they want to learn their spacing… It’s gonna be rough for you if you go to a tournament and you are suddenly taken out of your comfort zone because someone didn’t pick the training stage.

As for there being latency lag/frame rate lag on the CONSOLE versions of the games in certain stages, I’m in the boat where that is completely untrue.

Happened at the last tourney I was at. The dude next to me even pointed it out, so yeah it was noticeable even to spectators… Yes, some stages have frame rate drops even in the arcade version. I dunno how SSFIV compares, but Diner stage in Vanilla was notorious for this.

i know the crowded downtown stage lags on PS3. i’ve seen it happen during tourney matches that I’ve been playing in.

never seen it happen on 360 though.

It does lag less. I opened up the training stage with sf4 explorer. After opening up every other stage as well I can assure you it is much less resource heavy. You have only a small handful of models on that stage, while on every other stage you have at least 20 if not 60. Keeping that in mind, many players also prefer the stage because it is easier to gauge distances for attacks.

Personally, I never pick that stage during a match unless its hit by random. If you need lines to determine your range of attacks I think you need to ‘hit the lab’ on your attacks more.

This goes back to CVS2 for me. Training Stage didn’t lag, and had soundtracks from old SNK/Capcom titles playing randomly. And it didn’t lag…as opposed to the Rooftop Rain Stage, which was the choice of lag abusers everywhere. I pick training stage in 4 just so I don’t get the laggy ass Lab stage, Volcano, Bouncing car bullshit stages.

You would see this more on PS3 than Xbox360. Even though both systems have the same amount of total RAM, Xbox was designed to be able to borrow RAM from the other part of the system to handle bottlenecks