Training with an Ibuki noob!



Hey guys Im looking for some input been practicing some ibuki but im just getting blown up all over the place, so I wanted to see what can i do to get better with her what should I practice non stop and what can I do overall I really love her as a character but its very frustrating not knowing what to do in some situations I will apreciate all you guys can tell me thanks in advance.

Quick side note, I have been playing on pad for almost all my life played some arcade when i was a kid some super turbo and tekken 3 from there its was just all pad play, Im on my 5th pad now since they keep breaking I have huge hands sometimes i hit 3 buttons with my thumb by accident lol, I tried playing with an SE stick found it uncomfortable, haven’t tried a TE yet would you guys recommend getting one or just get another pad? thanks again.


Check out the stickies, as they are ripe with good information for newer players trying to pick up Ibuki. The guide book is a fantastic source of condensed information for both beginner-to-advanced levels of Ibuki players, assuming the link still works.

As far as specific advice, it’s difficult to tell you anything without seeing any of your match footage. I can give generic advice, but nothing tailored to meet your needs.

Understand how to utilize Ibuki’s normals to win the ground, learn your anti-airs, learn a basic kunai vortex, know how to get a sense of momentum to know when to attack and when to defend, have a solid understanding of how her special, super, and ultra moves function (like knowing EX neckbreaker goes through fireballs).


Please read the stickies.

This is a good place to start: Ibuki Player Guide (book)
Followed by this: Devote Yourself to Your Training! Ibuki Training Regimen

As for pad vs stick, I would vote stick simply because you’ve been through 5 pads. I’m assuming either you don’t take care of them, or you rage on them, or something, but whatever the reason you’re clearly sinking tons of money on pads that you should probably invest in a stick which you can throw at the floor several times and still be able to use it (I know I’m still using mine lol).

As a pad/stick (ambidextrous?) player I would recommend splurging on a stick if you at all intend to take fighting games seriously. Everything is just simply so much easier on a stick once you get used to it, except maybe mashing directionals. SE or TE is more of a preference. I have both and used both in tournaments; doesn’t matter to me.


I agree with mingo about the stick. I threw my Madcatz TE-S like 10 times at least. It still works fine. I mean sure, the stick got loose one time, but I just had to open it up and wiggle it back in place. :slight_smile: