Training yourself to stop mashing?

I’m still a masher. I try to stop but i always subconsciously go back to it when i stop thinking about it. I can do combos, but instead of just doing the motions i naturally just do the motion and push the buttons as many times as i can until I see it come out.

Anybody else have this problem? Any ways to help it?

Idk, stop mashing?

It’s that simple. If you stop doing it, you’ll eventually notice that you won’t impulsively mash your buttons.

Bad habits often take longer to break than to build, even with conscious effort. But you need to make a conscious effort to perform (read: not mash) a move/reversal/combo … if it doesn’t come out then you suck it up and continue the fight. Training mode will help build confidence in your execution.

There really is no other way to stop mashing. You just have to stop mashing. Learn how to execute your moves. If you’re pressing several buttons that only require 1 button press, you just need to chill out and learn the proper way. I just hate being called a masher by people who don’t know what PLinking is.

If you’re pressing more than 1 button and know what you’re doing, it isn’t mashing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and pressing several buttons that only need one button press, you’re mashing.

Old habits take a while to overcome but I wasn’t playing stick correctly until about 1 1/2 months into it.

Practice doesn’t make you perfect but it makes you a whole lot more effective than before.

it’s not pressing multiple buttons, I know the correct commands and I know exactly what I want to do, I just do right thing a bunch of times

but thanks for the advice, I guess I just have to sit down and work on it

I think I can relate somewhat to this. Yes you do have to just stop mashing but I can understand why that is not so simple. I’m thinking that your mind is just used to thinking that you have to do something every time your opponent takes action or worse when you start losing health. The best thing to do is to just not do anything besides block. It’s hard to see blocking as an action when you are so used to pushing buttons. My own 2 cents of course.

here’s a great way to break bad habits i’ve found. play the game as if you barely care about what you’re doing… but don’t lose. look around the room if you want, barely hold your controller/stick well enough to reach the buttons in time, don’t react right away… you’ll be able to find the bad habits pretty easily and eliminate them

WTF is this? You answer his question by reintroducing his problem as the solution?

Actually, he’s right. Just stop mashing seriously. I could see if your problem was you didn’t know you were mashing and was wondering what was wrong with your execution. But you already seem to know your problem: mashing. So just stop doing it. If you stop thinking and begin mashing, then there’s your solution. DONT stop thinking, and you won’t mash.

Stop playing on auto-pilot, I really think this is your problem. Start thinking about what you’re doing during a game.

I really appreciate all the help, I’ll be trying all of this, especially the ‘not caring’ trick.

and to Akibana, that is an issue as well (always trying to reversal instead of just blocking) and also mashing during combos.

I read this thread to improve my game and I agree with what Chuck said and I think as lower level players we have to learn to think about what we do all the time and to read the game/enemy, and it takes alot of practice! :smiley: (Im including myself in the lower level of players, Im only a D+ player)

Just a question from a newborn.

I don’t mash, but i tend to keep the control stick held instead of going back to the neutral position. I have a really hard time doing combos because of this. Even on a controller I have found myself doing this. Any suggestions.

Im not sure I understand the problem I mean if you are blocking you are either down/back or just back and from there you go into whatever move you wanna come out with, so I don’t know any solutions :confused: Maybe someone else can help you =)

It happens mostly going forward, Like for a jump kick, to hard punch/light punch. followed by whatever follow up. I am holding the stick or the pad on forward the whole time, instead of resetting to neutral. So then I whiff at combos alot.

play viper. then when you get an EX feint instead of doing your EX seismo and finishing your combo it’ll teach you to stop real quick.

I find her moves hard to connect on a controller. You know i should stop making excuses. I will try what you say and see how i progress. Do you suggest when I am having a problem I try to use another character to understand it better?

i was talking to the TC. as for you slow things down. cancels don’t have to be done so quick. just try doing cl. hp>hadoken or something w/ ryu. keep on doing this and you’ll return to neutral cause if you hold forward then you’ll get the solar plex. if you hold down then you’ll be doing a cr. hp obviously. there are combos where it’s easier to hold the direction already, like what you’re doing and there are some where you want to go back to neutral. you need both.

Focus on one specific thing when you play a set with someone. Say to yourself, for example: “I will not do any wakeup supers at all.” Stick to it, no matter how tempting it may be.

It’s kinda hard to avoid mashing if you sometimes need to press some buttons more times in order to make a combo. Right now I’m talking about trials combos but it probably works like that in a normal fight too. If you throw in the 1st punch and need to follow it up with another (different) one it barely ever connects just by pressing the next button once. :confused:

I’ve also tried Chad’s method a bunch of times and it helps a ton. I’ll play some matches and handicap myself by removing some of the more mashable combos or moves, which will make you think of other ways to proceed. Once you start knowing your BnBs instinctively then you’ll cut down on the mashing as well.