what do you guys practice in training mode? do just practice cancelling ur moves into supers or do u try sumthin else? im jus tryin to find out what i should practice to get better (im using ken), any help would be appreciated

pretty much just anything execution wise (short short super, links, blah blah blah). since you said you’re using ken, something you should do is set the dummy to random guard to practice his 8968296 hit confirms into shippu (which are: cr.shortx2, cr.strong, far st.strong, bk.+foward overhead, correctly positioned UOH, strong-fierce-[fireball] ).

edit: forgot about UOH :razzy:

I agree. Put the dummy on random block and just practice combos all day. Thats what I have been doing recently and it helps a lot.

I set the comp on 8 diff and just try to parry all their shit :stuck_out_tongue: It’s better than just parry training because you don’t know exactly what’s coming all the time – it’s more like parrying under pressure than telling the comp what moves to do. Helps you get stuff down like parrying all of Chun’s special-normals and SA2, etc. My parrying got 100 times better doing this every couple days.