Transcending: Oni Resets

If there is something that Akuma and Oni have in common as characters is that they hit hard. Akuma has a very safe vortex game but Oni doesn’t… but just like Gouki he can do resets all day, you just need to set them up.

Resets are usually not safe, that being said, you must be sure they are going to be blocking.

Lets debate some resets, shall we!

Any combo can be finished with a HK Slash, or EX Slash, the EX version should be your default as it leaves them airborn for a longer time and you can combo into Utra, SRK, EX SRK, EX Tatsu, F+HK, etc…

Reset 1 -
When you are performing a long combo like a FADC combo, they usually tend to hold downback, which makes a good opportunity to end the combo with a EX Slash. Example:, c.lp, xx LK Slash FADC st.lp, TC2(b+mp, hp) xx EX Slash, into whatever the situation calls for(usually Ultras).

Reset 2 -(I found this reset in the japanese XBL replays)
After a go for a cross up air MK Tatsu, as you land B+MP(resets the situation), EX Slash on their landing into…

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, add and debate some resets!

Ex Slash has a very simple reset.

Ex Slash, B+mp, Ex/hk Slash, whatever.

Its great to get a little bit extra dmg when you are going for the kill.

The lk slash wont reach the opponent but it does make oni either 1. go low with light kick 2. go high with any ground pound .
There is also this option:
After EX slash B+MP xx do nothing . dash in throw …or low …or ground pound
EX slash B+MP ( early ) xx LK slash ( crosses up dash ) into throw or low or ground pound
EX slash B+MP ( as late as possible ) xx LK slash ( fake crossups ) into the above.

Here’s a fun one I’ve been working on getting down more consistently.


Haha, I was just going to reply with this reset, it’s good because you’re reseting very close to the opponent and then instantly crossing up. I’ve done it a few times in proper fights and no one has reacted to it yet.

Also, it is possible to do bMP, HP, ex tatsu, bMP reset, ex slash. You just have to delay the bMP reset slightly. You can actually leave it quite late and it will still reset.

You can do it off of TC2 if they’re far enough away from the corner as well. This is guaranteed even up close though, which is why I like it.

Made a video for a friend:


Double corner reset, actually dunno what to call it. Was annoying to do cause I had 20 FPS while recording. :\ Dunno if it’s been posted before. Err, forgot to mention it can also be done with Ultra1 but the timing’s a bit more strict. Hits on a lot of characters except small ones I don’t think, and really easily on big targets like Seth.
'nother edit: I kept forgetting to add that you can also do this on a non-neutral jump-in. So say you start conditioning the opponent to expect a crossup after a UKD in the corner, but nop! --you fart on his head, you stay in front with the follow-up tatsu and bam, mixup. :smiley:


Air dash seems to have some locked potential it seems…

Regarding that video ; Why not just use the EX-slicer to reset instead of the triple fireball? Isn’t that a lot safer?

Because everyone is used to reacting to b+MP resets into crossup slashes; and nothing about that reset is wholly safe(same goes for any non-LK.slash), it’s just for flash and furthering conditioning, which Oni requires. Also U2 after the long block/hitstun of an HP.shakunetsu can be deceptively safe, especially when you catch someone off guard and going for a situation where going hail mary and chip damage might matter.

First thing I want to say is MetalMusicMan, that song is RIGHTEOUS. Yes. Righteous.

Second thing I want to bring up for the players far better than I, is that I noticed when using Oni’s air dash forward or backward, the input changes when you cross up your opponent. You know, to compensate for being on the other side of them. However, what I also noticed is that since you’re still facing the same way, the LP will send you further from your opponent as you go sailing over his head. The FP however, will send you BACK and cross up the opponent a 2nd time. I hope I explained that clear enough. Would this be viable for baiting anti air attacks? It just seemed interesting enough to post here and ask you all.

Make that mp airdash instant (nj), doesn’t work on all characters though.

After a antiair lp srk you can dash forward and b+mp on some characters.