Transcript of All HD Endings

Below is a transcript of all of the endings in hd remix. The parentheses are a description of the screens. Does anyone know a way to get pictures such as a jpeg of the different ending screens? Enjoy


(Ryu kneeling by a partially buried piece of wood)
Ive returned from the tournament victorious, Master, but I still feel unfulfilled
(Image of Ryu fighting opponents on left, Ryu with eyes closed on right)
I fought and overcame many powerful adversariessome worthy and honorableothers, cruel and hateful.
(Close up of Ryu)
But I cant escape the feeling that there are still stronger warriors left ahead of me to fight–that I have not yet been truly tested.
(Ryu standing by a partially buried piece of wood)
I know in my heart that the ultimate battle is out there somewhere, waiting for me to find it.
(Ryu walking away from the buried piece of wood)
My soul will not be able to rest until I do, even if it takes the rest of my life
(Close up of Ryu)
The fight is everything.


(Ken in a stadium with his back turned to Eliza)
Ken! You won!
(Eliza in Kens arms)
Is it–is it really over?
It is. Ive finally realized that there is more to life than fighting.
(Ken standing next to Eliza)
I love you, and I think Im ready to move on to the next stage of my life. Youve been my fianc for long enough.
Ken, do you mean
(3 wedding pictures)
(Ken and Eliza at childrens clothing store)
Two months later, Ken wonders if hes ready for his next battle
A boy or a girl? What do you think?

E. Honda

(E. Honda in sumo crouch and another sumo student crouched)
After his victories in the Street Fighter Tournament that proved Sumos strength to the world, E. Honda returns to his adoring students in Japan.
(Close up of E. Honda and the sumo student)
My students, we must never be satisfied with our past successes–instead we constantly yearn to better ourselves.
(E. Honda standing)
We must continue to press forward!
(E. Honda punching his student)
Our ultimate goal is to bring our mind and body into closer harmony through the art of Sumo wrestling
(E. Honda sitting at the head of the table with food and his students)
and, of course, eating nabe.
(They raise their arms at the table)
Now eat up and train, everyone!
Yes, master!

Chun Li

(Chun Li standing next to a tombstone with her eyes closed)
Rest in peace, father. Bison has been destroyed and your death is avenged.
Bisons Shadaloo Crime Syndicate has collapsed and will never hurt anyone again.
But what I do next?
(Close up of Chun Li)
With her promise to her father fulfilled, Chun Li reaches a crossroads in her life. What will she do?

  1. Try to return to the life of a regular young, single woman.
  2. Continue to place herself in dangers way as an active Interpol Agent.

Ending 1
(Chun Li in street clothes surrounded by three burly guys)
Lay off her, man. Aint it obvious the lady wants to come home with a real man like me?
(Chun Li kicking a guy in the face)
In her heart, Chun Li knew that no matter which choice she made, the fight would never be over

Ending 2
(Chun Li in agent outfit surrounded by three burly guys)
Heh, your boss only sent three of you to take me out? Im insulted!
(Chun Li kicking a guy in the face)
In her heart, Chun Li knew that no matter which choice she made, the fight would never be over


(Blanka with arms raised)
(Close up of a news reporter at a desk with a picture of Blanka in the background)
Blanka achieved the notoriety he sought from his performance in the Street Fighter Tournament. Millions of people saw his image on news programs around the world
(Blankas mother watching a TV with the above image)
including his mother, who believed she lost her son many years ago in an airplane accident over Brazil.
(Blankas mother standing and Blanka grabbing luggage from a conveyer belt at an airport)
Two weeks later after tracking down Blanka
Wait on your ankle! What is that?
(Close up of Blankas lower leg with the anklet)
That anklet! Its the one I gave you when you were a child! The moment I saw you on the screen I knew it in my heart–you are JIMMY!
(Blanka mothers and Blanka hugging)
Mother and son were finally reunited. How Jimmy became the green creature before her didnt matterall that mattered was that she had her son back.


(Zangief wrestling a bear in the snow)
Two weeks after displaying the power of Russian wrestling in the Street Fighter tournament, Zangief returned to his training in Russia.
The tournament was not enough! I will prove to the world that Russian wrestling is the worlds greatest fighting style!
(A van appears in the above scene)
(Close up of Zangief next to a fallen bear)
Who are you?
(A man appears in the above scene)
I run the largest wrestling federation in the world. I saw your performance at the tournament and wanted to offer you a lucrative contract.
I dont care about money. I only care about bringing honor back to the Motherland by showing the world my superior power!
There will be no better stage for you to showcase yourself–and your country–than in the squared circle. Millions of people will see you.
(Zangief flexing his muscles in front of a mirror in a dressing room with a guy next to him holding a clip board)
One month later
Mr. Zangief, youre on in two minutes!
Understood comrade. The audience will soon see a performance by the Red Cyclone that they will never forget!
(Zangief with arms flexed with a large screen behind him with his image)
Zangief! Zangief! Zangief!


(Guile holding M. Bison by the collar)
Youre muchstronger than before
So you remember me, Bison? Do you remember killing my friend, Charlie?!
If youve come here for revenge, go ahead and finish me
(Guile standing over a hunched over M. Bison)
NoIm not a murderer like you.
(Guile sitting in a cemetery holding a dog tag)
Three days later
Rest in peace, Charlie. I know now that revenge wont bring you back. When I became obsessed with avenging your death, it consumed me and destroyed my family
(Scene above, Charlie turns his head)
(Guile standing in the cemetery with his wife and daughter behind him)
Guile, Shadaloo is gone—the fight is over. Please come home.
Youwant me back? But I deserted you
We love you, Daddy!
If youre ready to come back to us, were ready to forgive you.
(Guile hugging his wife and daughter)
No longer driven by revenge, Guile dedicates himself to a new purpose: to be the best husband and father he can be.


(Dhalsim levitating surrounded by a crowd in India)
Three days later
Dhalsim! Dhalsim has returned!
(Elderly male standing behind Dhalsim)
Welcome back, Dhalsim. Did you have a fruitful journey?
Very much so. I have returned with the winnings from my battles to help the village, but what I have achieved goes far beyond monetary gains.
(Dhalsim standing face to face with the elderly man with images of past fights in the background)
I faced many unique and powerful opponents.
Through battle, I gained an insight into the strength that drove these fighters to meet and exceed their limitations, believe I can use that knowledge in my own practice of Yoga.
(Dhalsim and the elderly male with Dhalsims wife and son in the background)
Ah, good—good. You can tell me more of your travels over dinner. Someone was already preparing a meal for you
Sally! Datta!
(Dhalsim holding his wife and son)
Welcome home, dear!
We missed you, daddy!
I missed you as well, Datta. Have you been practicing your Yoga meditation?
Of course!
Good. It was only through Yoga that I was able to face the many evils I encountered. I am sure you will even be a greater Yoga master than me, one day!

T. Hawk

(T. Hawk standing with arms crossed over a kneeling M. Bison)
You drove my people from their homes and poisoned our land. Why?
It suited my purposes. Why should I have cared about a few displaced pests.
Some pests fight back. I am reclaiming the lands of the Thunderbolt Tribe. From this day forward, it will be free of the stench of Shadoloos evil.
(Close up of T. Hawk with his hand clenched standing over a kneeling M. Bison)
You and your minions will set foot on the land of people no more.
(T. Hawk standing over a cannon with people from his tribe behind him)
One week later
Shadaloo may have left our land barren and desolate, but it still is strong.
(Same scene above with T. Hawk spreading his arms out and the sun shining)
Like the blood and spirit of our tribe, it cannot ever be completely defeated.
(Close up of T. Hawk with people from his tribe)
Working together, drawing on the strength of our Thunderbolt ancestors, we will restore our land our tribe to their previous glory!

Fei Long

(Fei Long doing a flaming kick with M. Bison falling to the ground, buildings in the background)
(The above scene is faded a tan color)
(Fei Long standing in a fighting pose with smoke around him)
At the peak of his popularity, the renowned action star Fei Long abandoned his acting career to join the world of Street Fighting.
What could have driven Fei Long to give up such a life of glamour and fame?
Fei Long joins me now in his first interview since his return from the Street Fighter Tournament to answer these questions and more
(Fei Long and a news reporter standing with a gray picture of Fei Long behind them)
Since displaying your amazing skills in the Street Fighter Tournament, youve been one of the most sought-after performers in the movie business, but you turned down every offer, correct?
It was a difficult choice, but I decided that a life dedicated to martial arts was my true calling.
(Close up of Fei Long)
Being in movies has been a blessing, but I would rather be remembered for being a martial artist and to pass on my fighting style to others. I hope the fans will understand my decision
(Fei Long do a standing kick with students behind him do the same kick)
One year later
Keep your movements fluid, everyone! Like water!
Yes, teacher!

Dee Jay

(Dee Jay kicking M. Bison in the face)
Thats it, thats what Ive been looking for! The rhythm of the fight!
(Dee Jay standing over a hunched over M. Bison)
Im through with the tournament. I got what I came for–the beat I was searching for!
(Close up of Dee Jay with head phones a speaker and two men in a studio behind him)
Two weeks later in Jamaica
Yeah, thats right. The rhythm and flow I felt in the heat of battlethats what were recording!
(Dee Jay standing with headphones on, holding a microphone)
This is the new music everybodys been waiting for!
(Dee Jay holding a record in a case with a crowd behind him taking pictures and a news reporter holding a microphone)
Six months later, Dee Jays music takes the world by storm
Dee Jay, youre in the middle of sold-out world tour and your albums just gone double platinum. What do you owe your success to?
(Close up of Dee Jay giving thumbs up)
I owe it all to the fight, mon. The fight!


(Cammy standing in the background, with a close up of M. Bison with his hat off, hunched over)
Youve grown, Cammy. Or should I say, Killer Bee.
Killer Bee? What do you know about my past, Bison!
Did you completely lose your memory when you disappeared after the accident? Have you truly forgotten what—and WHAT—you were before joining MI-6s Delta Red team?
(Cammy in the foreground standing over M. Bison)
My scientist created you using my DNA as a base for your genetic design. You were my most loyal Shadaloo agent and even killed for me on more than one occasion.
NoThat cant be
(Same scene as above but Cammy turns toward the screen)
Im finished with you, Bison. I wont listen to any more of your lies.
Believe what you will. You can not escape your past, Killer Bee.
(Cammy standing with her comrades behind her)
Colonel Wolfman, I understand if you dont want me in Delta Red anymore. Even if a sliver of what Bison suggested is true, I dont know if you can trust me.
Nonsense. Even if it is true, that person Bison knew is not the person WE know.
(Same scene but one of Cammys comrades put his hand on her shoulder)
The Cammy we know is part of a team and a family.
Colonel, youre right. I cant let the ghosts of my past determine the course of my life. Thanks, everyone.
(Cammy and her comrades climbing down ropes from a helicopter)
One month later
Move out, Delta Red! Weve got a mission to complete!
Yes, sir!


(Balrog in a suit throwing dice at a casino holding a woman with a crowd cheering around him)
Balrog amassed a fortune working for working Bison and Shadaloo, and in doing so acquired a taste for luxury.
But his appetite for expensive indulgences did not subside after Shadaloo crumbled
(Balrog in a suit sitting on a couch holding two women and a drink)
Balrog continued his extravagant ways. His old days as a struggling boxer are nothing but a memory.
Just because Shadaloo aint around dont mean I cant keep living in STYLE!
(Balrog in his normal outfit, slouched in a gym)
Three months and millions of squandered dollars later
Im coming back. Nothings going to stop me.
(Balrog taking a punch at a punching bag)
Balrog finds himself right where he left he startedpenniless and training for his next big break.
(Close up of Balrog punching a punching bag)
Ill be on top again!


(A streak of red on a black background)
Sighit was all too easy to prove that the most beautiful of all fightersnamely, me–are the most powerful.
(Close up of Vega with a bloody claw the red streak in the background)
I have grown weary of staining my claws with the blood of so many ugly fighters.
(Vega throwing a rose with his back turned and the red streak in the background)
Good-bye, Bison. Working for Shadaloo no longer entertains me
(Vega in a suit staring at a portrait of himself)
I think it has been long enoughI can hear the blood-soaked cage matches calling me again.
(A small opened box with his claw and mask)
It has been too long since I last heard the screams of my victims and cleaved flesh from bone.
(Close up of Vega in a suit putting on his claw)
After all, blood is a color that suits me perfectly! Ha ha ha ha!


(Sagat standing with fist clinched in Thailand background)
One week later in Thailand
Now the tournament is over, I see how blind I had become
(Close up of Sagat clenching his fist with a blue image of Ryus face)
I was so obsessed with destroying Ryu to avenge the scar he inflicted upon me that I allowed rage and hate to fuel my desire to fight.
(Sagat doing a Tiger Uppercut, splitting a large rock)
I forgot that the honor of fighting against worthy opponents and pushing ones mind and body to their limits are all the motivation a true champion needs.
(Sagat doing a fireball on a rock, shattering it)
Aware of my past folly, I will train and continue to get stronger, not for revenge, but to better myself.
(Sagat kicking a rock, shattering it)
We will meet again, Ryu, and it will truly be the greatest match in history!

M. Bison

(M. Bison sitting in a chair with numerous screens of different street fighters behind him)
M. Bison, the King of Darkness, sits atop his throne with all opposition to his power destroyed.
No world warriors or new challengers remained in M. Bisons way.
(Same scene above but the screens are black)
Ha ha ha ha! Is there no one left?
(Close up of M. Bison making a fist)
With no one left to stand up to M. Bisons Psycho Power, the world is doomed to fall under the shroud of Shadaloos evil.
(Same scene but with his hand glowing purple and he makes a grin)
The entire planet will kneel before me! Ha ha ha ha!
(Same scene as above but his hand is glowing a purple planet and his eyes glow purple)
The world is MINE!


(Akuma with a purple glow surrounding him, standing over a M. Bison lying on his back)
Pathetic. Is this the only challenge you could offer me, Bison? You were just like any other who has fallen to me–the Master of the Fist.
(Close up of Akuma with purple glow)
You fool. Instead of mastering your own darkness-your Psycho Power-you allowed it to master you.
(Same scene as above but Akuma is smiling with eyes glowing red and purple glow is larger)
Unlike you, I have conquered and embraced the darkness withinand its power.
(Akuma with his back turned with the kanji symbol glowing orange on his back)
Akuma leaves to continue his training, fading into the darkness as he waits for a fighter worthy enough to battle him.
(Same scene as above but Akuma is further away)

I’ve only beat single player with Ryu. Playing arcade mode on expert is ridiculous. Or maybe I am just a scrub. Hahaha.

IIRC, there’s an ending montage on the Capcom Blog.

It was done some time ago, but if you look in the HD Remix section, it should still be there.

You are definitely not a scrub because of losing on Expert arcade hehe. ST is notoriously one the hardest arcade games ever due to the fact the computer breaks the laws all day. Walking forward flashkicks, no charge supers, etc. etc.

I play it sometimes on the hardest just to see some of the crazy shit the comp pulls off…some seriously bad ass combos.

^^^^ These endings are all true… Unless you pick the “Start” button color for each character.

If you do that, they all sahre the same ending. When you win, everybody around you disappears and your brought back to the title screen as if you never even entered the tournament. Only to have start over and re-enter tournament, but this time with a different color outfit.

I swear…

I can’t help but imagine Gouken in a distance, watching Ryu proudly from behind the trees now that we know he ain’t dead. His student has come a long way it seems.

I checked the blogs and couldn’t find it. do you think you could take a look for me.


I know right??? I get hit with some ridiculous shit when I play expert. I swear I’ve almost shit my pants watching the kind of stuff the computer does. Not to mention how it’s able to respond to your inputs like RIGHT when you do them. But…it’s fun…sometimes.

I tried start button thing, it is not true.