Transcript of Cammy's Ending and Coversations

I meticulously copied Cammy’s win quotes, conversations and endings for everyone to enjoy. The win quotes also appear in SFA3U although SFA3U has 8 win quotes.

Win Quotes
Fighting data retrieved successfully!
Data evaluated! Target exhibited zero capability. Terminating
Mission Complete! Standing by for the next command!
Target Destroyed! Remaining in secondary command mode!

Mid-Boss Conversation
Rose: I feel it Your confusion Your anguish
You possess the psycho power. The antithesis of my Soul Power!
Cammy: There is nothing causing me anguish Who are you
Rose: It doesnt matter Its my fate to fight you boss. Its time for your eternal slumber!

Boss Conversation
Cammy: Fighting Winning Everything else is secondary
I always believed that Until now. Now I want to know who I am and why I fight!
M. Bison: Hmph Youve exceeded our expectations. Learned beyond our capacity to control you
Its time to reset you! I have no need for a free-thinker. I only need you to obey me!


  • there is a picture of Cammy in the background with the following text


Suddenly Cammy is hit in the head by a bolt of electric current. Bison stands up, with the gloating smile of matchless evil.

Cammy You were never meant to be this powerful. Time to use the Psycho Limiter we placed inside you

Everything is wrapped in a white light. This meeting Her recovered memories. Cammy gets a new memory implant recovered from the Shadaloo base, finally knowing her true power as an assassin

This experiment has truly succecced expectations. Begin M Project release preparation. Muhaha!! She could destroy an entire country alone!

That’s not how Cammy’s ending went at all anyway.

I probably should have mentioned in it my first post but this is her ending from SFA2G. I copied it exactly word for word from the game, I even counted the # of a’s in ?Yaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!?. I reason I posted it is b/c she did not have an ending etc. in the saturn and ps1 verisons of SFA2G.

^Some of this stuff is actually different from the Japanese version of the game (ie. Rose said she was going to awaken Cammy, not put her to sleep), but Capcom USA decided to change some stuff, like usual.

true ending

I’ve read a translation of the Cammy ending from the japanese version, and it’s almost the same ending as the one copied by cent208.

i don’t have sfa3m for the psp. does anybody know where i can get a transcript of yun’s, maki’s, eagles, and ingrid’s 5th character conversation, 10th character conversation, boss conversation and ending (I actually don’t need Ingrid’s ending b/c its on youtube)?


vasili is always pretty good about translations and all, I’m curious as to where you saw the translation you’re refering to.

I obtained the transcipts of Maki’s, Ingrid’s, Eagle’s and Yun’s endings etc. for SFA3M for the PSP. they can be found here