Transfer TE-S parts to TEK CASE S1-B

Hey guys!

Anyone have experience with TEK cases?

I’v been wondering if it is possible (and worth it) to transfer the parts from my TE-S into a TEK Case (or any other empty case for that matter). I just installed a new joystick and my buttons are fine. I want to put all of the parts from my TE-S Into the TEK case except the PCB (I’m going for dual mod). I’ve been messing around with the insides and it seems ok, but I just wanted to ask here before I bought the TEK since If i can’t transfer everything, I’ll have to add all of that other stuff to my order.

BTW, if it is not beneficial to transfer everything, are there certain parts I can transfer?

The sanwa parts are fine.

interested in selling your TE-S shell? :wink:

Actually, honestly, it was probably just going to sit in my closet. so… sure. As soon as I get the TEK set up. I’ll keep you in mind.

sure, hit me up if you want to sell. it is cool if you want to keep it in case you want to go back one day. :). enjoy the TEK case.

yeah more likely go back to the TE case after I mess up this mod LMAO. I hope it goes well. Thanks

Ok i’ve ordered the stick, art and other stuff I need from Arts, but before I actually give anything away, I was wondering…

Is there anything I can do to modify this case? I noticed that there are wooden sides that I can buy, but I was looking for something a little more dramatic. I’m probably still only going to put art on the top (maybe some etchings on the bottom) to retain the integrity of the case. Has anyone out there modified the case of the TE-S at all?

As usual, I will peruse the forum, but just in case someone knows anything…