Transfering a SSF4AE PC key to a friend?

hi there shoryukennersers…

some time ago i bought a SSF4AE key on code4game (recommended, btw)
but yesterday it was on sale on steam, so i decided to buy one, just to have it on steam so things would be easier (download, management, etc)

the question is: can i transfer my old games for windows live key to my friend? should i give the new one that steam provided me and use my old one to log in?

i don’t know how this DRM works

If you already used the key from code4game, then you can’t give that one because it’s already tied in to your GFWL account. Can’t give Steam copy to your friend, assuming this is your first copy of SSFIV on Steam and if you purchased this for yourself because it will be tied to your Steam account but you won’t be able to use on the same GFWL account. If you purchased the Steam copy for a gift, then you can send it to your friend.

oh, that’s bad
i would give him my live acount, but i can’t because i use it for SFXTK as well

You can give that person your Microsoft account. But not your key, since it’s already bound to it.

I know the sale is over now but if you still wanna buy it on Steam: (This SHOULD work, not 100% guaranteed)

Buying it on Steam gives you the key and the right to play the game however the game isn’t tied to the key.
What you can do is buy the game on Steam and log onto your GFWL account to play SSFIVAE. You can then give the key you got with Steam (You can right click and press view CD Key) to your friend and he can enter it once he downloads SSFIVAE somehow.

Only disclaimer really is that I hope you trust your friend because CD Keys can be used to recover Steam accounts in case of theft.

This is how I play Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I own the retail edition and the Steam edition so I play the game with my retail key activated account. My steam key is unused.

Also in case you have a hotmail account for your main email or any other email address, I’d suggest creating a separate account to register GFWL games.
Because the key will be tied only to that email account. So in case you give away the CD key, he at least will not have access to your email as well. because it will require you to log on with your mail password to register at GFWL and activate the game

thanks for the advices, i really trust my friend, i gave him my steam cd key and now we play together online, everything is doing fine