Transfering from PS3 Cont. to 360 TE Stick

I’m going to learn the TE stick (i think it’s called, the one the Daigo used at EVO, and the US popular one taken right form the cabinet) on the 360. I’m normally using the PS3 Cont. and from what I heard the game is slower on the 360 where as PS3 is truer to the arcade for some reason (dk if this is true or not).

So I want to know the advantages/disadvantages (if any) you guys think (can be thoughts/opinions too) while using the stick, as well as a way to help get used to it (ik it’s mainly through experience).

Two other questions:

  • How does Daigo (ya, i know ^_^; ) hold his stick, and JWong too?
  • How do you hold your stick?

Thanks in advance for your feedback, everyone.

There’s hardly a speed difference, if any at all between the 360 and PS3. If one is faster, it’s the 360 version.

Search is your friend, you’ll find a lot of threads about how to hold a stick as well as pros/cons. For the inquiry about how Wong/Daigo hold the sticks, just search youtube and you’ll probably come across a video showing their hands.

Good luck on learning the stick, it takes a few weeks to become proficient and many months more to become good :slight_smile:

There are many threads like this one but I’ll play nice. If you just search on these forums. The Fighting Game Discussion forums, and Tech Talk forums you can find many answers to your questions concerning using a stick.

Here is a thread that shows many ways of how to hole a stick.

Here are two examples of Daigo playing and how he holds a stick.

I hold my stick the same way Daigo does except my pinky is accompanied by my middle finger beneath the ball and behind the shaft.

This is false on both accounts. The 360 version is faster by two frames every fifty seconds [media=youtube]pjdwwf6vaIE&feature=channel_page"]as tested by Sabre and CigarBob. Additionally, [URL=“”[/media] the Japanese believe the 360 version is closer to the arcade version. Whether the guy actually said that or not I’m unsure of, but they were using 360 set ups at Godsgarden.

Stick is the staple input device for fighting games, so it’s advantageous to just about anything. However, I’m of the opinion that a “keyboard” layout has certain advantages over using a stick for directional input. The advantages are small and people get pissy with ignorance when it’s brought up so it’s not worth discussing though.

I use the same grip as jerking off. It works well, firm grip.

Mirc, you know playing nice isn’t allowed here. Tsk Tsk.

In actual game play, you won’t notice the speed difference between the two consoles. It’s too minimal.

Every two weeks theres a “How do I use stick?” thread. The answer? Use the fucking stick alot. Do whats comfortable for you, not Daigo.

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Apparently he mains Dan. so somehow he’s thinking any advice will help him?

fucking truth.

Say that to Sanford Kelly. :lol:

Thank you for posting the “Ultimate Guide To Holding Stick” thread link. I’ve been switching my grips constantly since I got the stick over a week ago, and I’m still lost. I’m currently reading that thread to see if there’s anything that hits me.

As far as people wanting Daigo’s stick holding technique: People want to see what one of the serious pros does (me included). Obviously his method works well for him, which may or may not mean it could work for us. Honestly I’d love to see it just to get a feel for what someone amazing works with.