Transferring from MVC2 and MVC3, into Street Fighter


Hi everybody from SRK. Came here to the Newbie sub-forum because I need a LOT of help with some current problems I’ve been having with Street Fighter.

I come from a Marvel background, been playing competitive fighting games since early February of 2010. I started with MVC2, even do most say it’s a hard game to start to play competitively with, I liked the game too much. With a game so developed already and full of a lot of experienced players online, I had to tought myself how to do everything. My execution went to a point were I could do a of advanced combos in multiple fightning games with ease, I learned about being patient and waiting for openings, learn how to block correctly (Thanks Magnus), and much more.

I tried to move to Street Fighter 4, and did “good”. The people at my arcade say I have a lot potential to be my age, and I don’t want to brag (it’s not my style), but I beat 80% of the people that go to my local arcade in Street Fighter. But lately, I am starting to hate this game because I have no main character. I pick every character in the game randomly online and just try to rush people down and make fancy combos like if it was MVC2. I really don’t find any character I like nor a feel comfortable with. In MVC2 (Strider) and MVC3 (Zero), I had characters I felt comfortable with so I used to study them very in depth on trainingmode, but I really don’t have that excitement with any character in SF. I enjoy just a bit characters like Yun, Yang, Ibuki, Rufus, and such rushdown characters (but would using top tier characters not teach me anything about the game?)

So, any experienced Street Fighter players have any advice on what I am doing wrong? I really have nowhere else to look for help, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.