Transferring my joystick from my madcatz TE to a fighting edge?


I prefer the hori buttons but like the original sanwa stick better

would it be as simple as removing the stick from the fighting edge and screwing in the sanwa stick from the Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition ?

or would there be more modifcations needed such as drilling holes (dont have a drill)…

is this a bad idea for someone who has never modded a stick before ? dont want to end up going from 2 working sticks to 0


It just bolts right on. Lmk if you want to let go of the Hori joystick. I’ll take it off your hands.


instead of gutting your TE, just buy a new Sanwa JLF.

Anywhere the Hayabusa joystick (the Hori joystick in the Fighting Edge) will mount the JLF will mount.
They both use the same wire harness, so its a simple unscrew the ball top, pop off the wiring harness and unscrew the joystick mount plate from the arcade controller.

I would take the Hori Joystick, but @iNendoi called dibs first.


alright that was really easy thanks guys it was mostly about getting the courage to do it then there was a bunch of pink glue all over the screws of the madcatz joystick is that normal ? it was weird and had to scrape it off maybe eventually I will buy a brand new sanwa stick…but for today its great

I think I will be putting the hori stick into the madcatz TE the hayabusa is very nice and IMO easier to dash with …but for some unknown reason Ive become obssessed with playing yang and the sanwa feels waaaaayyyy better for left rekkas but worse for dashing to the left

the madcatz TE is actually a PS3 stick and although Im only playing AE on 360 at the moment I will need it in case I want to play Blazblue or something




The red/hot pink glue is Loctite (or something like that).
Both Hori and Mad Catz have that junk on the JLF’s mounted in their pro-line joysticks. Mad Catz joystick CASES in particular have Loctite all over them. I don’t think many of the screws on the Mad Catz TE’s I own didn’t have Loctite on them. I’ve taken 2 Mad Catz TE cases completely apart and have never seen anything else with so much glue used in it.

Loctite generally isn’t a problem until you try to take apart something that has very small metal parts in it OR soft metal screws — like the JLF! Loctite makes the process of taking some screws off much more difficult. If screws are threaded properly, manufacturers really don’t need to use it, period! Loctite just makes the job of modding or replacing worn out joystick parts more difficult than it needs to be.

On the last JLF I own, I stripped ALL the mounting plate screws when I tried to take off the Mounting Plate. I’m convinced this happened – first time for me because usually I never ruined more than one screw when I took off MP’s off JLF’s before – because of the Loctite on the inside of the JLF’s base. The mounting plate screws that hold the MP onto the JLF go into very small hex bolts that are embedded in the plastic base. The screw threads poking through those hex bolts were coated in Loctite!!!

I still managed to take off the Mounting Plate but ended up replacing all the screws and one hex bolt with parts that I was fortunately able to buy from a local hardware store. The replacement screws were higher-quality than the junk Sanwa’s assembly line installed but I would never have had to buy them in the first place if the joystick assembler hadn’t gone crazy using Loctite on the JLF like he did!


That hot glue/Loctite is on there both to 1) cheap insurance to make sure the fasteners never, ever come loose, 2) prevent people from messing around with the internals, and if they do, they’ll notice it for warranty repair purposes.


I’m aware of that but for modders that glue is horrendous and it just gets in the way a lot of the time.

I’ve bought joysticks that were well over a decade old and the original screws were all still in place… there was no Loctite in ANY of those joysticks and they were assembled in China, too.

What has changed between 1998 and now such that Mad Catz in particular needs to slather over every screw in the joystick case with Loctite? Contrary to what many people might think, I don’t honestly think people today are significantly stupider than they were back then.


I usually chisel that glue out with a x acto knife


I usually just use my screwdriver.


You gotta break that shit like a man, B!


I use the pliers end of my wire stripper. Grab a chunk of it and yank, and it usually snaps entirely away.


not splitting hairs here but it is not anything like actual loctite…

actual loctite threadlocker (blue and red) is very thin and you apply it to threads before assembly. They have a post assembly formula (green) but it penetrates into the threads. This is not news to folks that have put in wrench time on anything with an engine. It also works really well (blue) to secure stubborn balltops that always seem to loosen

The goop in the sticks is a weird glue that reminds me of hot glue… that gets brittle over time (odd)


I think it either a colored super glue or a type of hot glue.


Whatever that glue product is a lot of people I’ve read posts from agree that it’s pretty rotten stuff and generally not that helpful! It’s just another unnecessary detail that you have to deal with.