Transformers 3

I wonder what they’ll blow up this time.

Dear God, please make him stop.

I knew Michael Bay couldn’t resist explosions!


Orci and Kurtzman are out from all appearances.

What the hell? I’m just going to pray it wont be as bad as the 2nd one.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if POTC beats this movie…that is if POTC does come out on 2011.

Pretty much this.
The first two weren’t good. The third probably wont be any better.

I didn’t even bother going to see the second movie.

Michael Bay needs to be kicked in the balls a couple times… stop raping my childhood you prick :annoy:, the only remotely good thing I found about the Transformers movies is that Peter F-N Cullen voices Optimus Prime, that’s it :bluu:

Damn this is a little quick, but Bay is a little crazy so he can only go without blowing shit up for so long.

So let the lame “He’s raping my childhood!” replies begin.

Since the theme they’ve pushed with these movies is bigger and badder…I’m certain that we’re going to see Unicron as the main source of conflict.

Yep, I do believe they still have Unicron to go (no more Orson Welles, though).

And he better be fuckin’ epic. :mad:

For the record, I really liked both of the new movies (more so the first).

Me to. I think they’re both fine movies that entertain, with the first one being better then the second one.

I think my 15 year old sister is into transformers or something, they’ve done a great job butchering this franchise right from the start.

Hopefully it wont suck

That’s what I was saying halfway through the first one.

Dr. B wonders how the fuck that movie got so many accolades. That and Benjamin Button. Garbage-ass films, beloved. Makes you wonder why Dr. B bothered dying for our sins.

Shrug, I liked the first one alot, thoiugh not perfect it was enjoyable. The seconbd one needs to just be blown up.

Hopefully optimus dies again in this one…and stays dead…

  • :bluu:

The first was damn awesome. The 2nd was hot garbage. This one, I’m not having high hopes for.

as long as we keep the racists jokes out im good. no one needs a jar jar binks robot.