Transformers Devastation game by Platinum Games!- Oct 2015!


G1 game wit cell shading and G1 Voice Actors!
Platinum Games!

I’m very excited!!

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I like


Hope this one turns out better than the Korra game.




Instant buy!


Jokingly thought to myself, Platinum would.make this after seeing the screens. Glad they are!


Looks like they are actually giving them time to work on this one.


I’ll wait and see. platnuim doesn’t get me hype


I don’t care


HOLY CRAP! My favorite developpers and one of my favorite series! And it’s not another damn shooter!!!


Weird, I just picked up a copy of Transformers: War for Cybertron earlier too. It’s by far the best Transformers game I’ve ever played. To be more clear, it actually shits on a lot of games I played last-gen. Amazing campaign and multiplayer. @DangerousJ You’ve played it, right?



Ive only played that and the Fall of Cybertron games in terms of TF games.

I liked both, though I seemed to run out of ammo a lot. Fun game and High Moon studios love for the franchise was evident with those games.


Checks watch

Soon. Soon it will be FAP TIME!!!



So long as I get to play this out:


See…now you got me to hate Hot Rod once more.


Are Arcee and Starscream playable?

I loved his effeminate voice.


Starscream’s OG voice actor (Chris Latta, who also voiced OG Cobra Commander) passed away years ago.


Wait…the OG VA cast are voicing the Transformers?

Frank Welker reprises Soundwave!?!1?


“One Shall stand, one shall fall.”

Please be the intro to Optimus vs Megaton in the game every time they fight.