Transformers Movie Thread - BEE REBOOTS THE FRANCHISE!


Honestly I feel like the G1’s are just there for the sake of bringing in nostalgic suckers and hoping their good will gesture of making the Transformers looks like the G1 counterparts will outweigh true fact the movie is going to be mediocre at best.

Every preview I’ve seen for the movie comes across as “Teenage girls falls in love with alien car. John Cena is here too”.


This movie is basically going to be the 2007 movie, but more coherent. After seeing some of Knight’s other project’s I am not so worried. I will agree that I don’t think that it will be anything defining for the franchise, other than “we’re sorry for what came before”.



Advanced Screening tonight. Anyone going?


Is that something to be won or could it be purchased like a regular showing?


It was something that could be purchased. It was very limited in number.

So far from fans it’s the best Transformers movie ever. Critics are saying it’s good but nothing mindblowing. Personally I expect this to be a retread of the 07 movie. I think fans are saying it’s great because of the eye candy more than the substance. Reminds me of how Rogue One was elevated to MUST SEE because of the last 5 minutes of the movie.

I am definitely hopeful though.


Here we go


Hotrod/Rodimus Prime is one of my all-time favorite Transformers! I just love his look & design so much. The creativity at Marvel/Hasbro at the time was really firing on all cylinders. But then just about all the new characters looked dynamite, Magnus, Kup, Scourge, Springer, etc.

And i really liked the recent Power of the Primes Rodimus. A little chunky but, it works for him and looks a lot better in person for some reason. Love the headsculpt and the war-tested commander look. His transformation is also creative as hell and i like how everything is involved in the robot mode. No external trailer chunks left over.

Edit: Also this is basically “Powermaster” Rodimus Prime. Long overdue for Rodimus.


Alright, just finished seeing the movie. I can legitimately say it is the best Transformers movie ever made (keeping in mind that none of the TF movies are master crafts in cinema). Yes, that is also factoring in the 1986 movie. It’s a retread of the 07 movie, but a much smaller in scope plot and more coherent story telling. The visuals are great considering the smaller budget. . . . . And the first 5 minutes of the movie
. . . . . . . It’s hype levels akin to the Vader scene on Rogue One. It’s far from perfect, as the score was forgettable and given that we have seen this movie before (E.T., The Iron Giant, etc), it can be a bit weary. Overall, it’s a solid recommendation.


I will say that after watching this, you will realize how much of a mistake leaving Michael Bay in the hot seat for so long was.


Just saw the Bumblebee movie and it kicked ass! This is the G1-style movie we should have gotten back in 2007! Although for the record i liked the first Bayformers movie and thought it was Solid, this one does the “TF Origin” a lot better.

Even the “cutesy” Bumblebee/Human relationship is (gasp)Endearing this time around! And not annoying like Bumblebee & Shia Leboeff.


The fall of Cybertron is something that should have been featured from jump.


To me this is TF version of Rogue One.
What a fucken fun time I had.

Definitely felt like it was an 80s kid movie. And there is nothing wrong with that.



This doesn’t fill me with optimism.


I’m sorry you didn’t like Rogue One.


Saw Bumblebee again today. Soooo Good!

If there’s one flaw i can find with it, is the Bumblebee/Human relationship takes up 65% of the movie. To it’s credit though, it went all the way with it and didn’t hold back. The end result was 20x more ENDEARING and, makes the Bumblebee/Shia Labeouf “relationship”, look like smoldering, hot trash.

It always felt like Bumblebee was Shia’s pet or some horseshit. The Bumbleblee/Charlie relationship however, felt legit with actual emotion and investment. The actress was acting her butt off throughout the whole movie too, she made you forget she was acting against a CGI character, and that made the relationship even more legit and believable. It made me sad when they parted ways at the end.

Yet it still managed to have some really good action too. Then the fight scenes it did have, felt more meaningful and not shallow. Like previous bayformers flicks.


I would compare the hallway scene to the intro of this movie from a fan service perspective, but that’s where the comparison can stop. It is a far more competent film.


Just got home from seeing Bumblebee. Bumblebee was basically a 2 hour apology to the fan base for the Michael Bay films. It was solid though. I wish they had actually given names to the antagonists though. They were just “the decepticons”. Hailee Steinfield (Charlie) is RIDICULOUSLY cute. I loved her in The Edge of Seventeen and I just realized she was Spider-Gwen in Into the Spider-Verse. I love her. She’s great.

Back to the movie: all the G1 nostalgia was nice but it looked TOO cgi if that makes sense? It didn’t feel like it melded with the rest of the movie that well, so that was odd.

Solid movie though. I left satisfied.


That’s pretty much my takeaway from the movie. I literally felt like the first 5 minutes was Hasbro saying we’re sorry. The CGI in the intro looks that way because the lighting was not good. Say what you will about Bay, but his attention to detail on how things look in the camera is pretty spot on. The 2007 movie still looks pretty great. The Cybertron sequence in DOTM still holds up extremely well.

Now, this needs to go back to Optimus and Megatron duking it out on Cybertron.

Looking at the box office numbers, Bumblebee is probably going to bomb or just make budget. Too bad, as it is by far the best Transformers movie made.


A little hearbreaking given what the movie was up against. Should have just uses the advance screening date for Mass release.


Spiderverse is just OP good. People have given transformers so many chances to get it right ,itll prob do good on dvd/netflix