Transformers Movie Thread - Bumblebee's got THE TOUCH!


Hoo boy.

I’m keeping my expectations reeeaaalllyyy low for this one. Hailee Steinfeld isn’t enough of a draw for a lot of audiences, it’s mostly the robots and the fighting that happens (which kinda sucks these days).

A decent plot and better character arcs would really benefit the franchise going forward. Good thing Michael Bay is always around to muck up the whole thing lol


"Blocky"Optimus Prime
G1 Soundwave and Ravage (as a “cassette”)

They are going for the G1 Vibe had with this. This movie may as well be a reboot


Trailer 3. . . . now with more Cybertron. It is a completely different cut from the one previously posted.


Holy fuck this looks good.


Hmm, I’m suddenly interested in this movie.
The visuals are remarkably going for G1 nostalgia feels which is a good thing.
I hope the narrative isn’t garbage though and somehow, I can’t take Hailee Steinfeld as the lead in this.
A proper Spike would have sufficed imo


This is basically going to be the 2007 movie repackage in a fan love letter/apology.


I’m on the fence right now but doesn’t mean I can’t change my mind if there’s some substance in the piece. I’m not getting hyped up about it at all since the last few movies were just atrocious and honestly, I’m keeping my expectations REALLY low about this one. Shout-outs to @chadouken for keeping the soul burning for TLJ despite all the flak it keeps taking lolololol


I’m all for boxy looking Transformers in the movie. That G1 style reminds me of my childhood. FeelsNostalgicMan


I won’t lie, brothers. I’m feeling hype.


I like the direction overall, but I kinda wish that they edged a bit closer to the Don Figueroa era of the IDW designs.


…my childhood is joyfully wailing.


So did anyone else see the recent, 1-night showing of the 1986 Transformers movie? I did and loved it! And the badass 80’s soundtrack was especially a treat hearing it through theater speakers! Still a great movie after all these years.

I don’t care if it was a glorified toy commercial. It was a glorified toy commercial… with Top-Notch, Hollywood production values! Going above and beyond the call of duty in every way.


I dont really post much on srk 1 (2 is another story), but I did see the TFTM screening.

I had a blast.

I got there just in time and I saw a bumblebee clip.
Surprisingly, they went straight into the movie at 7:05. NO Commercials which was strange but welcome
(My local AMC has 25 min of previews/ads)

After the end credits, there was a 10 min featurette on Stan Bush and the origins of “The Touch” and “Dare”.

This was my first time at this theatre called Veterans 24. They had leather seats which reclined which was cool.It made the $13.50 price tag worth it.

The Unicron and planets scenes and ships looked so great on the big screen.
My theater gave free posters 16 x 18 of the recent 2016 bluray artwork.


Crowd reactions:

Starscream kicking Megs in the crotch- Laughs
Galvy killing Starscream-Laughs
Starscream shooting the Constructicons trumpets - Laughs
Ops death- Little kid- “Mommy why is he dying?”
The Touch both times - claps
End credits - claps. I was tapping my foot lol



Id love to see it in the theater again as a adult this time. Think id still flip out at the Megatron must be stopped no matter the cost! Into you got the touch.


Yup it was pretty awesome seeing it for the first time on the big screen. On Sep. 27th. A one-night only thing though. I actually didn’t realize just how Music-driven the movie is until seeing it in theaters with the music blaring. Every scene in this movie has a rockin’ track in the background, even the slower paced ones that were supposed to let up on the tension.

And ofcoarse the final battle with Unicron is like a non-stop music video till the end! Great stuff!


Even tho im dating myself that’s what stayed with me when i was a 7yr old kid. Transformers was my fav cartoon no shade to Voltron lol, and when I saw it as a kid in the theater those songs stayed with me even now.

Dare! You got the touch, Instruments of Destruction, and Nothing’s gonna stand in our way! Those songs come on and i go to every scene!!

Even now!! Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime became my fav this scene and that music please. I remember my Dad telling me to calm down back then but how can you contain yourself to all this hype?!! lol.

Hot Rod was gonna save the OG Kup no doubt in his mind!


Okay, the fact that the Transformers is reminisent of G1 style. I may give this movie a chance…the last time I ever bothered to watch a Transformers movie at the theaters was Transformers 2…and I was seriously disappointed…

I’m not hoping for anything, but the trailer does look solid at least. I just kind of wished that we got Spike and the group already. The fact that I saw Optimus Prime in his G1 glory nearly put myself a child born in the 80s fall upon my knees in joy.

However once again…my only gripe. We have yet, another girl who literally looks like she’s from highschool yet again…sigh.

I don’t know man, however the G1 look is spectacular in cgi. My biggest concern is that the entire part of the war will only be the prologue or whatever so the screen time of Prime will be short lived.

He’s my favorite Transformers (Grimlock is a super close 2nd) so we’ll see. If new trailers entice me enough, this may be the first Transformers movie I attend since the dreaded T2 (Not gonna lie, Megan Fox on the bike was nearly worth the damn ticket alone).


Tickets for the movie are officially up for sale for release date. In select areas there is a showing on Dec 8. That means that there is some level of confidence with this one.


G1 Design Featurette. Optimus Prime’s design in all it’s glory is revealed here