Transformers Thread 2.0


Looks like the first thread crossed the 10K threshold so starting a new one.

Some really nice MP news came out today

Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron Revealed . . . . . YESSSSSSSSSSS

Repaint of MP Sunstreaker in Diaclone Police Colors

I really like the Sunstreaker mold, but something just seems odd with the face. I will say that if I pick this up, it’ll make Red Alert almost obligatory.

Megatron and Shockwave MP repaints in Toy Colors

With Shockwave, I wish this was the version released first. Megatron is impressive, but I wonder if it will come with the more traditional face design.

Transformers Thread

So i guess i can’t complain because I’ve been totally broke for a while but…

…what the hell happened to Power of the Primes? We got one decent wave and it seemed like things were roaring up for another and then…nothing…WTF. Like they slammed on the breaks.


Honestly, POTP are nothing more than a rehash of mediocre repaints.


Rehash? POTP gave us that great new Orion Pax/Optimus figure! Then Rodimus, the new Pretenders, Dinobots, etc.

And there was supposed to be a lot more good shit around the corner too. Like updated Abominus and Predaking! But then…nothing. WTF.


It seems POTP when ticking many boxes like Dinobots ,fembots,Predaking and Abominus was mostly a filler line. Usually most of Hasbro’s lines are. 6 waves. This one is only 4.

Also, the distribution is so horrible that most of the second wave has barely made it across the US
I got Hung urr in March and Rippersnapper in April. I haven’t seen Sludge,Snarl or Darkening at all. Even the online toy stores are not getting new figures.
It’s started with Combiner Wars🎛️TR,and now this line.

Honestly ,outside of a possible Ironhide, Ratchet and a few others, I’m probably going to cut back a lot in the next line.


Those are all in the line honestly. Then you have Inferno and the female Autobots (who are virtually identical) The Terrorcons are Dinobot retools with Superion sprinkled in. Prime is a budget MP-10 and Hot Rod is a figure that could have been great but lazy in the overall execution. I have two of the pretenders and I want to chuck them into the garbage. Titans Return was far more interesting.


I’m currently on hold on the newer figures and searching for some older ones I’ll wait till more come out hopefully soon.

Meanwhile I have taken the time to start taking inventory of the transformers I currently have, and man oh man was 1986 the best year for Transformers quite possibly ever since that is when most of the combiners came out. I have almost all of them I’m just missing Computron and Defensor, the one I don’t count for that year would be Bruticus since I ended up getting him as Ruination when RID came out.

I find it amazing that the very first Transformer I ever got came out in 93 his name was Skram (G2) and it took me forever to find him online since I had long forgotten his name.

#8 is your best friend in situations like that.

Just sold my MP boxes. Felt like they were just being stored for no apparent reason


Yeah I’ve been using that site and since they are more up to date and also list some of the third party releases.

Currently in the 2000s and reprints galore those were some rough years.



Anyone who hates on the Beast Wars MP figures at this point can go kick rocks. . . . .


So there will be a MP Optimus Prime v3.

Personally, I like the aesthetic, but need to see a painted version before I truly commit. However, Takara has been nailing it so far.


Hoooly: can’t believe I missed this:

So good and fascinating.


I’m guessing (if you were around in the G1 days), that you were never a fan of the Original Pretenders then. Happy accident or not, the POTP Pretenders are shockingly faithful to the originals lol.

Anyway, i LOVE these lil’ guys. The vehicles that came with the titanmaster figures were neat and inventive at times but… not nearly as cool as these tiny replica pretender shells. I wish they’d release the whole G1 Pretender line-up like this.


Ladies and gents I’m counting down the days until he arrives but soon I will be the proud owner of G1/Victory Liokaiser. Naturally he wasn’t cheap but he slipped through my fingers years ago I wasn’t going to let that happen again.


Pretenders was around the time I could actually “remember” Transformers. They are good homages, but they are far less interesting that anything Titans Return had to offer.


I’m just gonna go over here and hand AmiAmi my debit card, BRB

Takara is out here slaying MPs


I wonder what the next Beast Wars MP will be it would have to be a Predacon but who? Maybe Tarantulas that would be a challenge.


Most of the Preds will be tough. I’d like for Takara to get the OG Maximal and Predacon crews down first. Scorponok will be probably the easiest. Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia are the ones that Takara will have to use Black magic for it to work. I am surprised that we haven’t seen an announcement for Tigatron. It’s basically going to be an oversized Cheetor.


So preorders are up for Megatron MP looked at TFSource and BBTS the price is currently at 329.99