Transformers Thread 2.0


Slag. My parents didn’t buy me many transformers since out of all the toys I’d want they were always the most expensive.

I was hella jealous of my parents friends kid. He had pretty much every transformer you could think of. I mean, I was happy with power rangers, tmnt and the LJN WWF figures. But man, transformers were like this upper echelon of toy to me so whenever I got one it was super special.

But yeah. Slag. I eventually got all the Dinobots, bumble bee, jazz and Soundwave but Slag was my first and favorite.

Oddly enough when Beast wars came out my parents had no issues buying me any of those I wanted. :thinking:



Scoop. G1 was in syndication by the time I remember it. I didn’t actually own an Optimus Prime figure until G2 and that was the Combat/Hero version.

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The first Optimus I had was the 1988 Powermaster version. I got it for my birthday.
I was so happy since it was the biggest TF toy I owned. I loved all the weapons and the base mode . What was nice was that it could be still transformed with or without Hi-q the powermaster. I think the only thing I didnt like was how it transformed with the back of the cab becoming the front of the “regular” robot mode.

I never had any of the official combiners, or any of the city bots so that was the shining jewel of my G1 collection due to its size. Its about 9.5 inches but for a little kd it was monstrous lol

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PM Optimus Prime may have been a brick, but was a genius figure for it’s time. THe JP release added the little fist trick to take it up a notch. I recently sold the G1 reissue and replaced it with the TR Magnus Prime and bought the Legends God Bomber to complete it.

As kids many TFs seemed much larger than they do now. I found my Action Master Snarl laying around a few years ago. Not only did it remind me that Action Masters sucked, but they were tiny LOL.

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G2 Skram was my first transformer my parents bought for me when I was in kindergarten, he never left my sight that is until I broke his head and was using gum to keep the head in place. I didn’t know his name so it took me years to find one when I restarted collecting again but when I did :smile:. Outside of that Beast Wars dominated my childhood if we are talking purely transformers.

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Maan my first Transformer?? It was so long ago lol I think it was either G1 Smokescreen or Mirage.

They had a little toy shop about 10 mins away from where from where I used to live… I got my first transformers there (brawn, inferno, sunstreaker, hoist, optimus etc) as well as my first BMX. Imagine my mind blown when my mum took my friend and I to toys r us for the first time… mind blown.

i’m tempted to post an 80’s pic with myself stuntin with some transformers to the camera.



Keeping the packaging and in great shape too (don’t treat your boxes like crap), is something i personally enjoy and am proud of in my collection. It’s like retaining a peice of history, and also fun to look back at older lines like the original classics run and see the packaging & style those guys had. Resale value is a distant second.

And don’t underestimate the value of a quality KO replica. In time, they may stop making these fancy KOs. Much like Official reissues themselves that haven’t been re-released in a while, you can expect the value to go up also.

That goes double for characters Hasbro/Takara have not deemed worthy of an official reissue. Like Abomnius, Defensor, and others mentioned above. They’ll be the only option for those that want an MIB/MISB complete version of those G1 figures.

Edit: I once saw one of those KO Defensor sets sell for $85 believe it or not. Imagine what they’ll go for 10+ years from now. KO or not, it’s still a High-quality, authentic replica of the original. Which is inherently valuable.



The first legit transformer that I can remember getting from a toy store was Beast Wars Razorbeast.

The first transforming toy I can remember having was those McDonalds Happy Meal transformers. I had the fries, big mac, chicken nuggets, and red happy meal box.



I had the French fry Transformer but, from the other line they had:



These were my god damn jam.

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Any of you guys seen the Botbot Transformers.

I swear what’s old is new again



Hasbro re-opened their renovated hasbrotoyshop. It’s called Hasbro Pulse. If you order anything from them before 2/23, you get their “premium” membership free for the rest of the year. So far, the premium membership gets you free ground shipping.

They have Siege Wave 2 up for pre-order, though I think the deluxes are already sold out, but the voyagers are still there. They also have the Studio Series Wave 5 Leaders in stock.



I got in and got Six Gun. They already pulled the Ecto-1 crossover Transformer.

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The GB transformer looks like a heavily remolded CW Hot Spot.

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Looks like you have to go through Gamestop to get him.



LOL They hit it with the Gamestop “tax” of 25%. It was 39.99 this morning on the Pulse site.


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Hasbro site has WFC Springer up for pre-order.

All the others are as well (Omega Supreme, Jetfire, Mirage)

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I hate vertical videos, but check out the features of the new Jetfire (Skyfire). Siege is basically becoming MP lite.

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Hell yeah!! Finally a PROPER and well-designed G1 Springer figure!

Poor Springer kinda left out of the party lately.

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