Transformers Thread 2.0


Hasbro site has WFC Springer up for pre-order.

All the others are as well (Omega Supreme, Jetfire, Mirage)


I hate vertical videos, but check out the features of the new Jetfire (Skyfire). Siege is basically becoming MP lite.


Hell yeah!! Finally a PROPER and well-designed G1 Springer figure!

Poor Springer kinda left out of the party lately.


I think this is great if what you want is a G1 representation of Springer. As a figure, the previous Generations Springer is one of the best Voyagers ever released. Personally, I wish the Generations line would go more towards stylized interpretations of characters than G1 2.0. I won’t say that this stuff doesn’t look good, but given that MP and Generations are going for G1 accuracy, there isn’t a whole lot for variance for people that collect both.


Not to step on your toes Optimus124,but here’s a landscape version of your video.


and better quality. I saw the camera in the shot on occasion, so figured someone caught it proper.


I am really intrigued by this one. I really wonder if some of the characters developed here will carry over into the MP line.

Not sure why they don’t call him Skyfire though.


Is anyone collecting any of the movie lines (Studio Series or MPM)? It’s strange that even though I don’t like many of the designs in the franchise, they look impressive as figures. The upcoming MPM Megatron is a really impressive sculpt.


I’ve got some Studio Series figures. Blackout and Grimlock are my favorites. As far as MPMs, I have Barricade, with MPM-3 Bumblebee on preorder. MPM Jazz looks interesting, I might pick him up. Also have BB movie Optimus on preorder. The mix of G1 and Bayformer is really interesting.

I also like model cars and planes, and the movie toys kinda scratch that itch.

The last figure I picked up was Sideswipe. Such a clean looking figure imo.


I really don’t want to go down the slippery slope of the MPM releases, but these sculpts work insanely well. All I have now are Prime and Barricade and really like both releases. I didn’t get the Camaro Bee because it’s frankly the wrong shade of yellow. Apparently MP Ironhide is fine as long as you don’t move the arms. With a lot of the Studio Series line coming out, I can easily see many of those characters coming down the line. The two I am waiting for are MPM Sideswipe and the Prime from “Bumblebee”.

Not gonna lie, if they do a G1 inspired deco for MPM Sideswipe, I’ll double dip. The only time I have bought a recolor (outside of the seekers) are MP-10 (got MP10, MP-10B, and YOTH) and with the MP Tracks mold. I got Tracks, Road Rage, and Loud Pedal, with Loud Pedal having the best deco among the three.


Just scored a reissue Prime for $25 in the FB group. I’m perfectly OK with that.


Which reissue? The new one from Wal-Mart or an older one with trailer?


Walmart version. Without the trailer, that’s a fair price.


Pre-owned i’m guessing? With or without the box?

Edit: nevermind. I remembered you’re one of those anti-box types :wink:

Double-edit: Also it seems like this Prime may not have been the hot seller Hasbro hoped. I always see a decent amount of Prime’s warming the shelves.


New MISB. I’ll toss the box once I get it :stuck_out_tongue:


New for $25? Damn this IS a good price!

And…WTF. Toss the box?! Have you no respect for the franchise :open_mouth::disappointed_relieved:


I love the figures not the boxes :smiley:

Once I saw the post on FB I figured that since I don’t have a G1, it’d be OK to grab it at that price.


You should love BOTH, sir! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Won’t someone think of the boxes :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_exclamation:


G1 2.0 is precisely the reason these recent lines have been so badass. Earlier classics & Universe stuff was kinda cool but, i never liked the change-up. And compared to the recent great stuff we’ve had, those early CHUG lines are forgettable.

Classics “Nerf gun” Megatron & Prime were neat but, don’t measure up to stuff like POTP Optimus & CW Megatron. Same with stuff like Classics Kup Vs Titans Return Kup.

The same will no doubt ring true for CHUG Jetfire & Springer, Versus these new releases.


I completely agree with you. The G1 2.0 is getting folks excited for the collection, but that too will fade in time. I wouldn’t call the CHUG line forgettable. Many figures in that line are frankly way ahead of their time (e.g. RTS Jazz). Nerf Megatron was a meh figure, but it took Siege Prime (which I do own) for people to actually replace the 2007 mold. POTP Prime was a great toy, but in terms of scale on a CHUG display, it left little to be desired. Now that Star Convoy retool coming would have been the proper way to design it from the jump. I believe that POTP Prime would have been better suited to have been Powermaster Prime than the one that we got in Titans Return.

Springer will be a hard one because it’s aesthetically so different. Even then, that figure is one of the best released CHUGs ever produced. Jetfire is a completely different story. The previous Generations (leader class) mold was a lazy Transformer in and of itself, but it also wanted to be an homage to the G1 design. At least with the Springer, they committed to the aesthetic and made a excellent figure in the process. Personally, the Classics Kup is a far more interesting figure than TR Kup. It would not surprise me if there is a WFC version of the figure coming.