Transformers Thread 2.0


BEAST WARS Transmetals are so accurate to the show is not even funny. Hasbro must have worked closely with the animation team, perhaps concept designs were shared, who knows, a magical time for sure!


It’s truck, not Monkey, damnit! lol

Edit: That poor box :frowning: :confused:


More incoming.

I prefer the toon versions of these releases (Wheeljack and Big Convoy). I sold off Wheeljack a few months ago and definitely do not regret it. It is painted all over on this one. Lastly, the joints are significantly better.


Those boxes!

What do you plan to do with them, you monster?! :confused:


I’d ship them to you if you want. Otherwise, yes, they are going in the trash.


Picked up these stands from Amazon. The base arm is ratcheted and holds a Voyager pretty well. They get wobbly if you use the included extension arms, but that’s fine, I wouldn’t want a heavier figure up that high anyway. I think I could get Studio Series Blackout on these if I use two arms, since he’s a big ass helicopter. I’ll try it later. Overall, I like them.



Got a link? I could definitely find a use for these.


Sure. It comes with enough parts to make 3 stands.


Thanks sir. I noticed that you have Nitro Zeus (honestly one of the best Decepticon names in the franchise). Do you intend to swap it out for Studio Series KSI Boss?


No, I like Nitro Zeus’ black and white color scheme a lot more. At one point, I considered an oversized KO called Ares Nitrogen, but I didn’t have the space for it.


Big Convoy and all the BW Neo are awesome. Although Big Convoy doesn’t have the Matte paint technic shared on some of the others, looks amazing, Horse, Penguin and Giraffe all have it and they looks so slick. Nemesis Big Convoy is also pretty cool, I think that’s the one that made it here?


Nemesis was the only mainline release in the US of that mold. Ultra Mammoth was one of the subscription service releases.


Has anyone here ever met a G1 voice actor in person or had something signed by them?



Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee) and Gregg Berger (Grimlock). I just need to get Michael Bell, Frank Welker and Peter Cullen and I’d be good to go.


What convention/event was this ?


TF Con Charlotte 2015. I didn’t want to use a box since both MP releases are cumbersome, figured that was the next best thing. Now thinking about it, I probably should have used the character instruction booklet.


Solid stop motion work.


Two arms hold him pretty well. That transformation is a pain, but you get a nice chopper out of it.

These stands work perfectly with Deluxes. You can get a Voyager pretty high if you tighten the screws in the arm joints too.


I know I keep referring to BW but Megatron’s voice was incredibly entertaining. Best voice in a TF show IMHO.

Also the GTAutobot video was amazing, never seen this before. Part of me wishes it was abridged a little bit, would be a fun time.


David Kaye was a great Megatron, he also played a real good young Optimus Prime in Animated to date the only VA to play both faction leaders. I did like the VA for Megatron in animated he was pretty good.