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SIEGE Soundwave review

He is starting to appear in some Walmarts across USA so start looking!



I really don’t want to buy anymore CHUG figures, but some of the engineering intrigues me. The way the nosecone becomes the pylons are a nice touch. The problem with the Seekers is that you can’t just buy 1.


But if you’re only going to buy one seeker? Then its definitively Starscream, in my opinion. G1 Megatron just isn’t complete without everyone’s favorite backstabber ready to usurp him at any time.


Exactly this that happened with me and the Classic/Henkel seekers. Albeit I have to thank Hasbro for releasing Acid Storm which got me back into collecting. I ended up buying the Seekers, Cone heads and Rainmakers out of that mold only really missing Ghost Starscream a G2 seeker repaint and Nance (iirc that’s his name) but by then mold degradation began setting in.

I have started doing that with the Fembots as well currently waiting on Greenlight to be available.


I’m using the FOC seekers as my Classics seekers in the display. I have the trio plus the Japanese version of Skywarp.


So i’ve been wanting a Masterpeice or Masterpeice style G1 Megatron, without spending a ton. After searching around, i rediscovered Combiner Wars Megatron!

Although i originally passed him up because i did NOT like the look of the legs. His legs are very “stilty” and bland looking with those tiny feet. However, i discovered the DX-9 upgrade kit exists! Which has additional leg & foot parts to make the legs look a LOT better, plus a Cannon peice to fit over the elongated barrel for a more proper “fusion cannon” look.

Recently scored a used but Mint in box CW Megatron with the DX-9 parts for only $64 (even the original box is in great shape). Finally took megs and the DX-9 parts out. First off, his chunky, silver tank mode is pretty neat with a simple yet defective transformation.

And in robot mode with the Dx-9 parts, he looks great! That megs also has awesome lightpiping in his head. My only gripe is the figure’s ratcheting joints could have been better. With a nicer range of motion. But once you finally get him into a pose you like, he’s great. Looking good standing next to my POTP Optimus and Rodimus!

Edit: The DX-9 kit also comes with upgraded hands for holding weapons better but, i didn’t bother. Meg’s Fusion cannon is all he needs.


CW Meg’s is a solid figure. The worst part about it is that it scales with pretty much nothing in the CHUG line sans POTP Prime


My most awaited figure of Siege W2!


Dammit, now I kinda want it.


That’s a great looking Ironhide.


Sixgun review




Oh man Siege is getting the top dogs!

Haven’t seen any Shockwave nor Ultra Magnus at all for sale. I miss Toys R US…


I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tempted to grab Ultra Magnus and Shockwave. The reality is that both are so close to G1 and having these just make it almost like double dipping. Also, the MP release of Shockwave is at $100 so paying $50 for the Siege figure that is a Voyager class in disguise just seemed a bit much.


I hear you man. MP always comes first, still want them Siege ones though.

I got my MP megs, 1st run with the upgrade package…however I really want the later revision with the cartoon look. Not parting with my OG though, he keeps that G1 feel to a tee, plus I need two to keep one in gun mode…

Off topic, one day X-9 you will be mine!!! For now I’m just breathing at a steady pace with Cryotech Blue Dragon…it keeps me cool.


That 2nd one is the toy look actually. After seeing it, it honestly has more shelf presence than the original due to the chrome.


yeah that’s what I meant, I’ll get the 2nd rev eventually.


I will say that I am more tempted to get Siege Shockwave simply because I don’t have a classics figure for that character. I already have the JP version of Generations Magnus and I prefer that figure.