Transformers Thread 2.0


I stopped buying MP stuff because the prices were just nuts. For that price I want MP Omega Supreme. :frowning:


Transformer MPs are getting into the Hot Toys realm.


Official Images up for MP Megatron

Takara is stepping their game up in the paint department.


I hadn’t seen these before… drool:


What’s crazy is that the Green Unicron is being re-released as an encore exclusive.


Not gonna lie, may have to pick this one up.


A Hmmmmm is in order. The Prime does look interesting. Sideswipe seems like an MP-Lite version rendition.


CW Magnus about to be on eBay everywhere


and Takara also slipped in a new MP figure
. . . .



Dinobot is a technical marvel in an of itself. The Beast mode suffers because of what it has to do. However still, Transforming it just makes you realize that Takara is out for blood


The Original Transformers show turned 34 today. Crazy to think that there are fans easily approaching their 50s at this point.


WTF? I just turned 37 and experienced G1 in it’s entirety. I was born BARELY in the right time though (1981).

Also, anyone else show up for the recent 1-night showing of '86 Transformers The Movie? I did and LOVED it! Now i can say i saw the original movie in theaters. The kickass 80’s sountrack was even better in the theater too.


I did see it. Glad I did it, but will never have to do it again. That movie is so horribly mixed audio wise. However, seeing Prime vs. Megatron was awesome!


Saw the new Transformers card game at my game store this past week - anybody try playing it yet? I don’t really remember any Transformers games being that particularly awesome.


New Transformers thread? That is some bullshit…the old one was like 10 years old! (and started out with my reviews…) This is some lame nu-SRK isht…


All threads close after 10k posts. It’s been a minute good sir. Welcome back!


I like the general treatment but not enough for me to get back into buying CHUG again.

And Shockwave does have a more G1 bot under the armor.


I guess P.Gorath’s return was a good omen.

SIEGE Decepticons were unveiled today at NYCC


Spotted the G1 Reissues at Wal-Mart! Seeing them on store shelves again was like going back in time 30 years. It was Hotrod, Starscream, and Devastator. Wanted to grab all three but money’s a bit tight. I did at least get Hotrod though, as Hotrod/Rodimus Prime is one of my favorite characters ever. He was $30. Not bad i guess. The others were pricey though! Starscream was $45 and the Devastator set is $74! Wow.