Transformers Thread 2.0


Starscream was $35 here in FL.


Picked these two up recently. First figures I’ve gotten in a while. I’m a sucker for Decepticon jets.


Those two were actually pretty great from the movie line. What’s even more impressive is that Nitro Zeus incorporates the play pattern of the Titans Return line.


I like them a lot. Feels like they finally nailed movie Megatron with this one.


That was the most disheartening thing about TLK. The designs were actually starting to make visual sense.


Finally saw the new trailer: that looks tight. <3 <3 <3

Just all good. Give me G1 and I think I’m happy.


Oh, you’re right. I ended up getting G1 Starscream later and he was $35.


These reissues are far inferior to previous reissues. The molds aren’t as sharp and lack die cast. I was shocked at how light the Devastator box was. Don’t get me wrong, this is great if you are missing out on the nostalgia kick. The Masterpiece line has effectively got rid of any care to obtain those figures.


Honestly thought it would have been just a hair larger. I do still intend to swap out my current unit for this one.


Picked up a couple figures from the Studio Series line. Prime, Grimlock and Stinger. I’m really digging this Grimlock. The transformation reminds me of Beast Wars Megatron.


Grimlock may be the best thing to come out of the line. For the mold itself and it’s paintjob are stellar.



SIEGE Optimus Prime Review…



I was on the fence about that figure before. Yeah, that’s getting bought! Glad to see a return to form with CHUG. The use of the negative space is just awesome!


SIEGE Megatron review

Besides the battle damage paint and the feet jutting out in tank mode, looks good imo.


and then there were two. I am not as interested in the rest of the line, but defunutely intend to pick up the faction leaders.


SIEGE Sideswipe Review…

IMO the prettiest vehicle mode in all of CHUG.
And that’s coming from a Combiner Wars Dead End fanboy lol


Why is the WFC Lineup trying to draw me back into buying CHUGs LOL.


I’m really put off by the battle damage paint from that line, but it’s so subtle on Sideswipe, that it works really well.


SIEGE Skytread review!


I should have posted it when I saw it. I really wish that this had the same treatment as Battletrap.