Transformers Thread 2.0


SIEGE figures deluxe/voyagers spotted in Target in Virginia!


Need those DCPI numbers and Brickseek is going to be on deck!




Damn you just beat me to it. I swear, this Siege line is making me question getting back into the CHUG.


Damn that figure looks wonderful. If they repaint him as Detritus that would be an insta-buy for me. I do have Henkei Hound but man this one is mad tempting.


Current Transformers Deals at BBTS

Masterpiece Bluestreak for $64 ($80)

Titans Return Trypticon $70 ($150)

Fans Toys Quake Wave Toy Color (Third Party Masterpiece level Shockwave) $85 ($150)


MP Coneheads (dirge/ramjet/thrsut) and MP Shockwave on sale for significant drops!


Man the price of that SG Prime just keeps dropping. The only reason I am not biting at those Coneheads are because I just have this feeling that TakTomy will reelase a V2 of the whole set.


I keep passing on that SG Prime because all it does is remind me of the MP-10 I’ll never have. And if I was going to settle on a repaint, I’d go with MP Nemesis Prime.


Hrk. I’ve been waiting to get Shockwave for so long I almost succumbed to buying a knock-off version. That sale is tight. You’re the hero today. :+1:

Now off to BBTS to see just how much money I want to spend…


How come you’ll never have a normal MP-10? And i really dig the Shattered Glass Prime colors except, i don’t like the broken windshield look. Would be cool if there was a way to swap that out with a normal, “unbroken” one.


Mostly price and availability . I know there’s a version 3 of MP Prime coming that’s more accurate to his G1 cartoon model, and that’s going to have collectors frothing at the mouth.

I only look at MP figures when they’re on sale now.

I agree about SG Prime. I dont like battle damage. The colors are nice, but I prefer Nemesis Primes colors and the clean mold much more.


Totally agree. If you haven’t bought an MP Prime at this point, you may as well wait.

The issue with the SG Prime is not the battle damage, but it is a lazy homage to the actual figure.

If it had the giant Autobot tampograh, I may have considered it. The colors need to be a bit darker as well.


So MP Prime V3 price is rumored to be around 50,000 Yen (roughly $440). The fandom is starting to lose it over this.

Personally, I am not all in simply because there will more than likely be a US release of the figure. Also, I don’t know what the final figure will look like. People have forgotten that MP-10 was $250 at release. The MP line is entering into the Hot Toys realm of things. I’m fine with that, but I really need to see what this thing looks like.

Edit - Here’s apparently the accessory list:

MP44 Optimus Prime accessories (from tfw2005 borads)

MP44 Optimus Prime Master Convoy (Optimus Prime) Version 3. Official price 50,000 yen / box, 2 boxes /

box, content:

  • main body X1 (OP)
  • compartment X1 (trailer)
  • cabin anti-aircraft gun X1
  • small ball X1
  • energy axe X1
  • beam special effects X2
  • laser rifle X1
  • energy treasure X1
  • energy supply tube X1
  • Spike X1
  • Carly X1
  • Spike Pula (Sparkplug) X1
  • Rocket Backpack X1
  • Starscream Head X1
  • Starscream Wings Accessories X1
  • An Unknown Item X1 (hope it’s Roller)
  • Replacement Head Carving X1
  • War Damage Head X1
  • Battle Damage Chest Parts X1
  • character card X

Small ball has to be the basketball. Someone can easily recreate my current GIF avatar using MP figures LOL


I dont really collect MP (I only have Hasbro MP-10) but imo this is pushing the limits.

$250-275 maybe, but 450? It better make me a sandwich, and mop the floors for that price.

I was curious to see if TT would do a Galvatron ,Cyclonus, or Jazz but even if they do come out , I shudder to think what they will cost like And Galvy will have lilac colors knowing their preferences.

Im sure a lot of people will buy it, but will it be profitable overall? It seems Jpn fan wallets knows no limits but I’m assuming a lot of sales are from US/international fans.

It used to be 3p was much more expensive than MP,but now the tables have turned.



Another interesting point - Now that TRU is basically dead,would it be an amazon exclusive?
And what would price would it sell for?

IIRC Hasbro has never sold a TF over $160 in America.


To be honest, it’ll probably be around $300. MP-10 was 250 at release and the US version undercut it. They won’t have that happen again. I am waiting for the preorder. It’ll be around 300 and 20-40 to ship.

Those characters will happen, the question is more of a when than if. Galvatron and Cyclonus are unlicensed designs and Jazz is too great of a favorite to be missed. I expect that one to be elevated because of the Porsche license.


Yeah, that’s nuts. The accessories would need to be just small chunks of gold or more money. The fact that it comes with the trailer is solid, though. The accessory list is good, but for $450… good lord, you’re pricing everybody not insane out of the market. At that point, just go buy stock or all your Christmas presents with that money.


I gotta see this thing first. I am in, but only if the pre-orders allow that sweet 30% off. The MP line made an increase in product quality and look while ticking that price up rapidly. These are SOC/ Hot Toys prices.

Welcome to the new stage of history!