Transformers Thread 2.0


I’m in (at JP pre-order price)!


That looks real good. If it gets to be a little more reasonably priced I might finally have to replace my MP-01 Convoy.


I’ve kept all the MP Prime’s since MP-01. I would definitely say that if interested get it from a JP retailer. It’ll probably be between $330 (may take a week or two) or $350 (4 days).

On all the boards, the hate has quelled with the release of these photos. It’s a really impressive piece. I just wonder what decos will be released after this version.


Wow. That looks great! I guess you guys won’t be needing your MP-10’s anymore. That’s ok, i’ll take them off your hands at a “reasonable” price :wink:


Oh no, I am keeping it. I still have MP-01. It’s strange because I haven’t purchased any of my mainline MP Primes. My parents bought MP-01, my wife (then GF) bought MP-10.


Pre-order up

About 315 shipped to your door


I think Rodimus is due for a redesign.


I like MP-09 personally. It’s a fairly accurate design. Besides, we technically already for one with the smaller MP Hot Rod. The transformation on MP-09 is actually pretty decent. It’s just that the joints were horrid and inconsistent. Apparently this new version has the fixes taken care of.


New 360 Pics of MP-44 Optimus Prime

The backpack on it is somewhat unforgiving. Beyond that, it’s damn near perfect.


Scans from a figure book showing off the new Prime

That transformation is awesome!


If they keep posting up goodness, maybe I’ll finally move on from my MP1/MP10 convoy. Maybe we get an American reissue of MP-44 at some point so we can save $200…?

I was surprised by the MP Hound in the last picture. Damn lying picture. Just missing him, Grapple, and Inferno from that picture, but Hound is the only one I’d want.


It’s such a surprise about Hound because it was a painted version that was released aside the grey prototype of Prime. No release date for the figure as of yet, but with BW Megs push to April, I am thinking June for Hound.

Now as far as Prime goes, you may as well pre-order the figure from Japan now. The US release at the moment looks to be identical to the Japanese version. This is all part of Takara and Hasbro merging the production. It’s already present in the JP releases for Takara Legends/ Power of the Primes, Masterpiece Movie, and WFC: Siege Lines. The only differences are the packaging that they come in.


I never messed with the Masterpiece Movie line before, but Barricade’s price kept dropping daily on Amazon. I bit when it got down to $45. Surprised myself with how much I like him.

The up coming MP’s look so good. MP-44 looks amazing. BW Megatron is coming, and BW Dinobot is getting a re-issue. But godamn, the prices… :scream:


These MP Prime releases are reminding me of the '86 movie. Everytime they release a super-duper remaster of it. There comes a point when how much better can they REALLY make the figure look over the previous release? This new Prime has an unusually cartoony look to it also. Makes me wonder how many other MPs will get redone “animated” style.

Either way, Rodimus Prime needs more love damnit. It’s been too long. Although i appreciate the Power of the Primes release. I recently got that one and liked it a lot more than i thought i would. I guess it’s true what they say, the camera adds 10+lbs because he doesn’t look nearly as chunktastic in person. Or maybe he is but, in person the bulkiness works a lot better with the overall form than what pictures suggest. I also love the sheer creativity in his engineering too, and how everything from the vehicle mode is involved in the robot form (even if he does have a backpack).

But an actual New MP Rodimus redesign would be welcome. Hopefully the quality control will be a LOT better this time around.


The original Rodimus was one of the worst designed Transformer models of all time.

It was O.G. Ironhide levels of ratchet (yes pun).


I might buy that Bluestreak.

He was the first one I ever got.

The sentimental value is strong in that one.


The MP Rodimus stands out so badly on my shelf. I don’t fucking get how that was approved. Everybody else looks so fucking great.


At first glance MP Rodimus looks great. But i can’t put my finger on it, the more i look at it, the more it seems “off” to me. Honestly though, the quality control was enough to kill it for me. First one i got was broken in the package. Second one developed stress marks after oh-so carefully transforming it once. WTF. A child with little patience would destroy him easily. That and the sky-high price for such a fragile figure.

I was impressed with the engineering though. If it weren’t for his slight backpack, he could almost be mistaken for a giant action master. How a robot mode like that is still able to turn into a near cartoon accurate car is impressive.


Which one? The MP-09 or MP-28. I went back and transformed the MP-28 and that figure is loathsome as an MP. MP-09 was plagued with terrible materials, but looked the part.

TakTomy has already started the trend for a more Toon accurate MP release. It pretty much started with the MP Tracks of staying true to show. Ever since, all the releases are toon inspired. Prime could stand 3 releases because

  1. MP-10 is a solid Prime, but far from toon accurate
  2. It’s Optimus Prime

I actually prefer toon accurate. The Beast Wars releases are almost 1:1 with the animated model. MP Dinobot is basically Transformer Black Magic.


MP-09. Looks OK, just … is so out of line with the design of the actual first generation Autobots. Probably doesn’t help that I’m not a huge fan of his whiny ass.