Transformers Thread 2.0


I just feel like in another 3-4 years, we’ll have yet ANOTHER MP-Prime. Then again 3-4 years after that.

Then in 2099 we’ll have fans who have entire collections of nothing but MP Primes, starting with MP-01, and ending with MP-351 Remaster Toon addition Prime (G1 Prime as he appeared in the 17th Remaster of the '86 movie rerelease).


I don’t think they’ll make a 3rd pass at it. If so, it won’t be a toon accurate version. The line has pretty much catered to the toon decos/ designs and they won’t reboot the MP line.


Are you sure you’re not interested in MP-722? It’s Prime as he appears in the 32k Re-Remaster of the 1986 movie. So cartoon accurate, you’d swear the figure just came out of the Tv!

Edit: And Holy shit! Why is this new Prime in the $400+ range?! It can’t possibly be THAT good! What are they thinking?!


SIEGE Ultra Magnus review!


I love how the robot mode looks like an updated G1 Magnus figure.


SIEGE Shockwave review!


I was able to get siege Hound from Amazon at MSRP. They went fast. I missed Sideswipe. All that’s left are bloated 3rd party prices.


Looking at reviews, Shockwave is only good if you are ok with paying an extra $30 for useless kibble.


So i got all 3 Evolution/Leader class bots: Optimus, Rodimus, and Optimal Optimus and they’re all badass. Didn’t bother with the repaints though (“Evil” Rodimus was temping but, i didn’t like the head on combined mode. Didn’t dig the Biker shades/bearded G.I.Joe dreadnok look).

Why, oh why, didn’t we get a Megatron that becomes a Galvatron? There’s soooo many other possibleites with this gimmick too. An Omega Supreme, a Scorpononk, Star Saber, etc.


Megatron isn’t necessarily “bigger” going between the two states. Include that with the radical color change and it’s just asking for a mess.

I was initially excited about the Optimal Optimus, but the execution on that figure is so mediocre I couldn’t even consider it. At least with Prime and Rodimus the smaller figure turns into something related to the original figure. A vestigial surfboard? HasTakTomy knows they could have done better. The best thing that figure did was allow for the SDCC repaint to be a thing. I will be picking up the Perfect Effect Gorira in that layout.

Prime and Hot Rod are “OK”. I honestly felt that Prime could have been a true Powermaster Prime given that the cab transforms and you take the trailer and make the bigger robot. I know they did a Powermaster for Titans Return, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a Prime between lines before.

WFC Siege is a step in the right direction for the brand. Outside of the battle damage, it’s basically taking classics back to the days of old. I swore off of them, but they are tempting.


A flimsy excuse and wasted oppertunity. Could have had an awesome Deluxe sized G1 megatron, combining into a great leader class Galvatron. And when not combined, the galvatron “armor” could turn into the ship from the G1 movie and be piloted by Megs or something. Great possibleites there gone untapped.

And i loved both Optimus and Rodimus. Especially Rodimus, even though i realize the figure isn’t accurate to the Rodimus look. It just has a badass, veteran commander presence about it. As a Prime should be (instead of just being a “taller Hotrod”).


If they wanted to go super badass, they could have went the Super Megatron route from the Battlestars story line. If it were to work as explained, it’d be a shoe-in for the Siege (current) line not within the POTP play pattern.


So how do you guys open up your carded figures to keep the card & bubble as safe and intact as possible?


That’s a tough one. The short of it is using a sharp knife and carefully cut between the plastic and the adhesive. You don’t want the paper to come up with it as it will still keep the figure functionally sealed. I open all my stuff. Never collected boxes with the exception of MPs until earlier this year. Sold all of MP boxes and junk them as I they come in.


I’ve never tried to keep the card and bubble pristine. I normally just cut around the bottom half of the bubble, then try to slide the shell with the figure out.

If I was going to try to keep everything intact, my guess would be to take a blow-dryer on the cool setting to the adhesive, then try to wedge an exacto-knife into the adhesive and try to pop the bubble off. Kind of like removing a smartphone screen.


Pretty sure it’s a crime in some countries to throw your boxes out lol. But seriously, the packaging is as much a part of the figure as the accessories. And the boxes & artwork look great on shelves.


The only boxes I have are my 2013 Platinum Predaking box and Hasbro MP10 box. The rest are gone to that great Landfill in the sky.


I would agree if that’s the type of collector that you are. For me, I just need to keep what’s inside. It’s space for things that don’t really add anything. Looking at the figure is what fuels the desire to collect, not the box art.

The only boxes that I have are for MP-01 (Figure in box), MP-10, YOTH Prime, and the Star Wars-Transformers Millennium Falcon (2018).


Has anyone seen SIEGE Optimus/Megatron/Shockwave/Ultra Magnus in person yet?

I’ve only seen the deluxes once on Dec. 5th and all the micromasters/Targetmasters at multiple Targets here in Tampa, Florida.


Nope. I haven’t seen the Voyagers or Leaders yet in person.

I’ve only see deluxes. More accurately, I’ve only seen empty shelves and pegs for the deluxes in person.

Online, it seems that Amazon gets a shipment of deluxes every few days. I was able to get Hound and Sideswipe from them at MSRP. Todays the first time I’ve seen Amazon have Megs and OP in stock. BBTS and TFsource go straight from pre-order to sold out.