Transformers Thread 2.0

Tigertrack looks badass! I’m a sucker for the sporty, yellow color-scheme. It’s like Sideswipe is cosplaying as Sunstreaker lol. It’s temping but, i’ve already got Siege Sideswipe and Red Alert. So that’s two of the mold (even though it is a good mold).


Finally got my hand on jetfire… kind of. Pre ordered x 2 (one for me and one for the Boi). Extended delivery time due to covid :frowning:
On the bright side sunstreaker (for Boi) and trailbreaker for myself should be here by wednesday.


Finally picked up Earthrise Double-dealer, in all his Teal glory! Most of the time when i spot him they are in damaged boxes but, i scored one in a Mint box. Because TF boxes are glorious.

Also lately i’ve checked (4) Wal-marts and (2) Targets. Two really sad things i’ve noted: 1) Grapple is a big shelf warmer. Shame because it’s a damn good rendition of the character. Something tells me we may not get an Inferno, due to how badly grapple has warmed the shelves. And 2) There are an INSANE buttload of studio series bots! And not the new 86’ releases but, the Bayformers series.

Are Bayformers bots in THAT much of a demand by the fandom?! Geez. Every wal-mart i’ve been too has had a crap-ton of them. At a few wal-marts i even noted some shipping boxes up top. I pulled them down and opened them up in the hopes that i might score and find something like the 86’ releases but, nope! Just MORE Bayformers. They have so much that they don’t even bother to take them out of the shipping boxes, and leave them up top.

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Ever since i heard about Earthmode Ultra Magnus (and should i be suprised at this point, Hasbro?!), i’ve been considering letting go of my Siege Magnus. Aside from the Vehicle mode, Siege Magnus otherwise looks great. Both in Magnus and “White Prime” mode.