Transformers Thread 2.0


Right as I posted that, I see that Amazon has preorders up for siege OP and Megatron. They’re sneaky with it too. If you search for them, they only list 3rd party sellers with jacked up prices, but on the bottom right the preorders show up under “other sellers”.


For shame, you guys! The kickass box art & artstyle that hasbro/takara always cooks up is one of the coolest parts of the franchise, and is way too nice to merely discard. It’s as significant to the TFers history as the figures themselves.

The great looking boxes are all part of the presentation on store shelves. Imagine if the box artstyle had always sucked? I doubt TF would have been as successful back in the day.

Plus when figures have their original box in great shape, they just feel more “complete”.


I finally found SIEGE Optimus and Megatron at my local Target.


Sweet! So in the wake of Takara’s hubris and sheer arrogance, by pricing MP-44 like they’re the only game in town ($400+?!), 3rd parties have come to the rescue. MP-44 looks great but they can shove that asking price up their arse.

MS-01 Light of Freedom:


Transform Element TE-01:


MS-01 is MP-10.5

TE-01 has a decent sculpt but has a chaotic transformation.

I think both options look good. However, neither figure is painted and many people who own them say it lacks the premium feel. Collectors have been clamoring for better paint schemes, articulation, and accessories for the MP line. It’s delivered and now it’s way too much. Now, I will say there is probably “surge pricing” on MP-44 simply because it’s Optimus Prime. However, the current options lack the finish and detail of some of the more recent releases. Overall, MP-44 still the overall winner, especially at the import price of $300.


What do you mean neither are painted?


The primary color is from the plastic. Think of it like a Gunpla kit as if you just cut parts off the sprue and snapped it together. There is some detailing done, but it’s mostly colored plastic.

The other thing that’s off about MS-01 is the exposed Matrix cavity.


In case you don’t have done. Surprised this has die cast and rubber tires.


Do the hands still fit in the cab, though?


Yup. It’s a 1:1 re-release.


Finally got around to opening Power of the Primes Evolution Optimus. Such a damn good figure! Truck & trailer mode have issues but look decent. Orion Pax is good (joints tad loose on mine). And the combined Optimus Prime is just fantastic! Sure, not as good as MP-10 but, still great in it’s own right. Headsculpt is Perfect. Kibble isn’t that bad either.

A while back i had MP-10 but, parted with him on e-bay when money is tight (one reason to save your boxes in great shape, kids), and also because i anticipated future MP Prime versions. Or at least affordable rereleases of MP-10.

Now? Not sure i want to bother. POTP Optimus just ticks so many boxes on a good looking G1 Optimus representation. And he didn’t cost $200-$400 either (got him black friday at Target for $40).


I never purchased one, but find it to be a fun figure. I sincerely wonder why they didn’t save that for a true Powermaster Prime.


Wow. Wal-mart clearance crazyness tonight.

Just grabbed two reissue Hotrods on clearance for $7 each. G1 Hotrod is one of my favorite characters ever but, already bought him earlier for $30 when they first showed up. That price too good to pass up though. Even boxes are in great shape too, only minor shelfware.

Also found two POTP Skullgrins for $1 each. And a Wincharger and Beachcomer for $3. Got them.

Also came across POTP Jazz, Blot, Sinnertwin, and Cutthroat for $9 each. Already have those terrorcons and they seem common, plenty of e-bay listings selling those same 3 as a set actually. So i’m guessing they were common on clearance lately. I left them but grabbed Jazz.


Edit: All my prayers have been answered looking back at some of the posts. Shockwave and UM look real decent, good stuff!!! Are they hitting the shelves yet?


Aside from G1 styling, I love how Seige ShockWave has a “Super mode”. With those add-on peices. But they must’ve made a mistake with that class rating. That is not a Leader class. Even with his Supermode parts on, including the feet, he’s Voyager sized.

And i’m not crazy about the vehical mode but, that Ultra Magnus robot mode looks pretty damned good. It like the G1 figure Evolved. Even does the “White Prime” standalone cab, and it’s not a clone of Seige Optimus. It’s actually a different, tweaked mold (White Prime/Magnus is shorter than Seige Optimus).

Edit: Oh and i hav’nt found either yet, just Prime & Megs. I did however, spot the next G1 Prime reissue at wal-mart and…$50?! For a Prime with no trailer? I see good reviews online and hear it has diecast parts to boot but, not sure if worth it. Not when you can grab one of those fancy KOs with authentic looking Box (and Trailer!!) on e-bay for about $35.


I got Shockwave and saw Magnus at Target last week.
I live in Florida. You should start searching.


That is the general complaint. He’s great if you want a classics G1 inspired Shockwave, but the price is an issue. All of the Leaders in this line are Voyagers in disguise. Sidenote WFC:S Prime will be a Cybertron (Galaxy Force) homage

Prime is overpriced without a doubt. Without the trailer it shouldn’t cost any more than Starscream or Hot Rod. I also can’t do KOs, so I’ll be waiting for that inevitable clearance.


You’re missing out. There are some damn good KO’s out there. I have a G1 Defensor set. Box and styrfoam are Fantastic and if the quality of the original figures were a 10/10? That Defensor KO has to be at least an 8/10. Very nice. Only problem was the sticker sheet is hit & miss.

Edit: I also have a Great G1 Abominus KO boxset like that one. Very nice quality for a ko.


Rather keep things official. I won’t knock it and say that there aren’t as there are some KOs that are truly better than the original release. However, if I ever intend to make something original, I’d hate for someone just to reproduce it without any attribution to me.


Shockwave robot mode looks great. Haven’t gotten a shockwave since the Alternators line, always felt that one looked great.

Glad to hear UM is that cool, I’m very excited for the white prime, just hits the spot for me. Titans Return UM is nice but white prime all the way. RiD Ultra Magnus is ok, very different but Omega Prime has its charm.

Incidentally…the melting point when shockwave was the brains behind it all during DW G1 continuation, the first saga they went through, my favorite one, final moments when UM and Shockwave go to town but UM is hurting and shreds his larger form for white prime to rise to the occasion, even have the alternate cover with white prime. Sorry, too excited, lol.