Transformers Thread 2.0


It was that one comic that made the White Prime/Magnus cool again LOL.

I really hate that Hasbro screwed Don Figueroa over. His artwork and robot designs were something epic. Up until Siege, Classics Optimus Prime was one of the best versions of Prime to date. That was his. The Stealth Bomber Megatron apparently was his as well, which is where the fallout came from. Out of all the TF artist, he may have been my favorite. He also was artist for this:


As far as I’m concerned white Prime has always been cool. UM and Shockwave are my favorites so it’s a great coincidence the way things worked out. Hell I even used to draw comics as a kid and my first character name was UM, a total rip off everything I was into at the time, I was 10 so bear with me, just showing you the genuine UM love. I also like Cyclonus a lot and one of my favorite episodes of season 3 has them pitting against each other and then working together.

Sorry to drag, haven’t talked about TF in a long while.

Also, UM should have stepped up when Prime fell. I’m not on the Rodimus camp, back when I was a kid everyone hated him. I don’t hate him but he’s better off as a sidekick but he had some real good during G1 Season 3. The Qintessons 5 episode run was really cool.


The Magnus armor was a cool concept. Up until that issue though, it was not even a thing. Right after it’s release, that’s when you start seeing the obligatory white Prime repaint. How they did it in the IDW series was pretty cool as well.

“Five Faces of Darkness” may have been one of the best parts of Season 3 next to Old Snake, and the animation in Call of the Primitives.


I think the G1 cartoon had the right idea. I’ve always hated the whole Magnus being a “White Prime” in “armor”. I feel it lessons the character a bit.

Toy-wise, i don’t mind it though.

Anyway, i spotted Seige Magnus at a wal-mart today. Is it just me or are all these “Leader-class” figures, closer to Voyager sized? I don’t think that Magnus would go well with my POTP Optimus. Also while it doesn’t look terrible but, i’m not a fan of the slightly “dirty” styling. Besides those issues he looked great.


I used a $25 Target gift card from Xmas that my mom gave me to buy Shockwave last week.

IMO The base figure is great and both the unofficial gun mode and official spaceship mode are nice. However, I dont care for the Norman Osborn glider and the General Grievous armored form .

I think he’s worth $35 without the armor pieces. If you personally like the armor stuff, $40. But there’s no mincing words. $50 is too much.

These figures are probably Ultra Class from 10 years ago than Leader imo.
(2009 Universe Onslaught and Silverbolt were 8 inch figures with lights/sounds.)


I think the fact that it was used as a last resort measure made it really cool. I’m glad it was never used in the cartoons as well and I hope they never use it again. It was just a great moment to use it though. It was a great climax for a good saga, that and Shockwave being the main perpetrator was excellent as well.

I like keeping the TF mythos on the figures, like Cryotech. Transmetal Tigatron, stuff like that.


Urge to break Pat Lee’s writing hand…grrrrr…


MP-Op Version 3 new pics and translated article


With the exception of the back, it’s the best toon version of Optimus Prime to date.


That’ll be $425 please.

Until MP-59 comes out. That version of MP Prime will be in High-Definition! At the low, low price of only $529!

Sorry guys, sky-high price aside, i can’t help but see a pattern here. Also just because this guys looks better, that doesn’t change how good MP-10 STILL is. With all the boxes he ticks off for a Good looking G1 Prime representation. Are any of you guys that own MP-10 still going to shell out for this release?


No, but thats mostly bc I dont really collect MP.
MP-10 for me was an exception.
Im a cheapo and a Decepticon fanboy.

Another thing IMO is that they seem to be going wholly into the cartoon aesthetic the last few years. There are full full swathes of just flat plastic on toys like MP Inferno and Ironhide. I kinda like MP 10 Op, MP 12 Sideswipe, wheeljack all kind of merging toy/cartoon/comic into a well detailed look if that makes sense.

The new one looks very cartoon accurate and has an interesting transformation. The backpack and elbows loook slightly weird to me though.
I got the Hasbro MP 10 for $160 in 2014 and I think hes worth that price.

Takara is a smart business bc they know people will buy a new MP Op due to marque value. To me even taking inflation into account, $450 is still much even.
$250 was the Jpn price of MP 10 in 2011 which I could understand since Japan is much more expensive than USA but I think theyre beginning to price gouge.

And even if you pay it, sometimes the QC is mixed bag. MP 36 Megs cant take the silencer int the barrel bc it scrapes off allegedly. Who knows if this will have some problem?

Long and short, No.
MP 10 may have really long arms but its good enough for me.


I’m not paying that price . . . .

However, if that is the case, and I prefer that version, I’ll consider it. It is contingent upon the dollar value in terms of the upgrade. It’s a possibility that they’ll release another version of Prime in the MP setup, but that’s always a possibility. To be frank, put MP10 next to either of the current 3P offerings and the age of the figure shows. Personally, I think if they shrunk down MP-01 it would have been better.

Exactly. I don’t expect redos of those characters such as Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Prowl to get redone since they are “good enough”. I recently sold Wheeljack to get the toon repaint.

Unfortunately, the paint scraping was in part because of a detail in the transformation. There is an extra twist that was needed in the barrel that aligned the piece better. I will say that any painted friction fit pieces like that you should almost expect some degradation. The issue died down once that came to light about the stock alignment. Reminds me of when everyone assumed MP Cheetor’s legs were put on wrong, but again, the instructions proved that there was one other step to get the legs to be in the appropriate position.

It’s more so survival than price gouging per-se. Of course there is an Optimus Prime tax, but they lost the Pokemon license so now they gotta look to see what else they can make more viable. So far, all of my MPs are significantly better toleranced and painted than some of the earlier options. I am happy with what’s offered now.


I see plenty of New MP-10’s on E-bay for $120. Not bad. If i had $425 to spend, i’d grab MP-10 or one of the 3rd parties and save the rest for other things. I just don’t think this new Prime is worth the asking price. They’re pricing him like he’s a friggin’ Next-Generation game system or something.


I recently counted my collection which is mostly CHUG and I cant believe that I have approx 110 figures. As a little kid who began with G1, I had 35 figures from 1986-1990. Unfortunately, I lost almost all my G1 due to hurricanes/moves so the CHUG line has made me get better versions of many of those and also most of the marquee character I never had.

To be honest, my main goals for the next few years are :

Ironhide/Ratchet/Mirage, and Prowl
(Japan) Computron set(Super rare and expensive now)

Needlenose, Spinister, and Scorponok




Wait, whats “CHUG”?

And i used to get overwelmed over all the various official and 3rd party versions of a character released over the years. Now i just go with whatever is affordable while still ticking the most boxes in representing the character. Masterpeice isn’t everything also, if a Good version of that character is exists in a mainline. I’ll just grab the mainline one. Like the excellent new POTP Dinobots (versus MP Grimlock, all the various 3rd party MP dinobots, etc).

The only time i’ll buy more than one version, is for characters i really love. Like G1 Hotrod/Rodimus & Abominus and their recent POTP versions, G1 Soundwave & MP Soundwave, etc. Although i will make an exception if i come across G1 reissues or KO G1 reissues at an affordable price, because G1 is still my favorite era of TFers. Their packaging alone still trumps modern day stuff in it’s presentation and G1 boxes just look fantastic on the shelf.


I agree, G1 best presentation ever. Always felt Beast Wars had great presentation and packaging as well. Some Beast Wars Neo matte plastic was heavenly too. X-9 is my grail from that series, someday…

I feel the previous generations blister packs were looking real nice with the art pieces all blown up, almost feel bad taking the figure out of it and putting the backing away.

If everything is going to be like siege form here on out, I feel the concept art presentation is going to take a back seat.


In a way. . . . . he kinda is LOL

Classics Henkei Universe Generations
Aesthetically, it’s the stylized G1 stuff. The current WFC: Siege line is considered CHUG.

That’s fair. MP is more so about a faithful representation of a character to it’s animated counterpart. Now some definitely take liberties on the design, but the trend now is for them to be a 1:1 representation (officially). I will agree about character representation as well. That’s the beauty of collecting. Right now my focus is on MPs. I sold off a fair bit of the CHUG stuff. As far as 3P goes, the only thing that I went all in on were the Planet X Dinobots.


CHUG stands for Classics,Henkei, Universe,Generations
A catch all term for the last 13 years


OMG. Searching for a figure on e-bay and see nothing but “complete” loose figures. You lousy fans throwing out your boxes/packaging!!!

See?! You have this idea that, “you’re not collecting for a profit” and have no intention of selling. Sure but, you never know what the future brings. Perhaps you’ll really need the money one day unexpectedly. Or maybe they’ll release a better interpretation of that character, and you won’t need two, so you throw that one up on e-bay.

Buuuuuut…thanks to your short-sighted’ness and throwing our your packaging, buyers like myself that would be all over it, don’t want it and search elsewhere for a figure that is Truly COMPLETE (Aka: Accessories AND Box/Card).