Transformers Thread 2.0


Guess I should have my collector badge revoked. Seriously, I don’t have any intention of selling, so that makes the need to get rid of the package more apparent. If you are keeping figures with box and packaging to help with a “emergency cash reserve” you are better off just putting the 15 - 25% of the difference you would make in the sale into some interest growing account and call it a day. Toys in general are a terrible investment strategy.

There Is more demand overall for a loose complete figure than one in the box as a requirement. Check out a lot of these boards/ FB groups. MIB collectors are not a large enough market for me to simply hold on to the packaging.


I don’t keep the packaging to help some “investment”. I keep it because i love it! Boxes and their artwork look badass on shelves. As do bubble cards. And the figure just feels so much more complete with them. Boxes are too damn cool to merely chuck.

Also you may have no “intention” on selling now but, you never know. Just like all those sellers on e-bay throwing up their loose, “complete” figures hoping someone will pay good money to snap them up. I’m sure many probably didn’t intend to sell theirs either…then something came up.

I also don’t buy that MIB collectors are a minority in the market. Simply by the way these fancy KO toymakers, painstakingly reproduce the original boxes to great effect. If there were barely any MIB collectors out there, they surely would not bother.


I don’t keep most of the boxes due to space. I do try to keep somethings. Heck the only boxes I ever kept where the Primus, Unicron and Sixshot boxes since I can use them to store miscellaneous things.


That’s your preference, just like the collectors who prefer to trash the packaging. It’s not a knock on your collection one way or another. I think the boxes are nice as I used to keep them, but space and level of enjoyment that it brought me was minimal. If it can’t be displayed effectively, it’s toast.

Sure, but again you are only going to lose about 15-25% by having the box with the figure. If I am selling my collection to eat, then I am already in survival mode. Those people just don’t know how supply and demand works.

KOs exist to be reasonable facsimiles of the real product. G1s aren’t in the same type of demand as they once were thanks to MP/3P. The packaging evokes the nostalgia. Not saying that MIB collectors don’t exist, but there are far fewer than those that just want the figure inside.


No appreciation for the awesome boxes/cards. C’mon guys (sigh). For me, throwing out the boxes or cards is just like chucking an accessory. The figure simply would no longer be complete.


I appreciate them for bringing the character to life and for helping my figure arrive undamaged. I see the appeal, but they don’t warrant the extra space. I can see the argument about “completeness” but in most collector communities, loose complete is a valid descriptor of condition. It’s an implied “but”.


So a long time ago I posted that I had a shot at Liokaiser. I acquired him (shout out TF Source) and what a beauty here’s some pics, btw yes I kept the box.


Double post I know but here he is in combined mode and some size comparisons and a final alongside all the Decepticon combiners I have.

A quick story on me combining him, I had completely forgotten about Kill Bison being prone to breaking due to GPS but thankfully he didn’t crumble. Can’t say the same for BW Grimlock or my BW 10 year anniversary Dinobot ;_;.


Nice!!! And yeah, don’t throw out such an awesome looking box.


In other news, Generations Jetfire is now worth tree fiddy.


Titan Omega Supreme?! OMG.

Awwww yeah… (snorts) Ahhhh that’s Gooooood G1! :smiley:


And Bee 2.0 is a thing

There will also be a retool of POTP Optimus Prime. It will be based on Armada Prime and ultimate mode will be Star Convoy

Glad I skipped the first version.

And Tamara engineers have again summoned power from the Dark Dimension. MP Blackarachnia!!!


WTF? A little soon to be releasing ANOTHER version of POTP Optimus with what looks to be only a minor redesign.

And POTP Optimus is badass! Like the joke goes, he’s the “budget MP-10 stand-in”, and was worth every penny. Only things i’d fix on him would be stuff like extra paint apps (blue fists!). Perhaps a more vibrant shade of red also.


This more than likely is going to be a JP exclusive release. Most US fans really have no real connection to Star Convoy. Regarding the first release, I wasn’t really impressed. I own MP-10 so having something designed to emulated it wasn’t in my wheelhouse. However I can somewhat see the appeal. The retool is somewhat minor, but given the character, it works.


So the Armada Prime will have a new set of pants as well.


Toys R Us is trying to make a comeback in the US as “Tru Kids”. Though it’s a long way off. I wonder how good of a relationship they’ll have with Hasbro after what happened with the bankruptcy.


We’ll see what happens. Do I think they’ll get that exclusive status that they once did; maybe after a proving period. Most of the issue was with how Bain destroyed that company. They also have to do something about pricing. They were always more than MSRP for most items in the store.


So after seeing the new reissue Prime, minus trailer, at the lofty $50 pricepoint, i decided on an alternative. Went to e-bay and grabbed a 3rd party KO of G1 Prime w/trailer and replica original box. Only $36 total shipped and…

…nice!!! First off, the replica G1 box and styrfoam insert are Excellent. Good quality and very authentic looking. Looks great on my shelf. As are the replica G1 instructions and sticker sheet. I also asked that the seller give me one in a mint, or near mint box. Which they did and my Prime box is in near perfect shape.

As for the figure itself and the trailer? Both excellent. If the original G1 figure’s plastic quality was a 10/10? This one is about an 9/10. Very nice. Even has diecast parts and rubber wheels. My only gripe is Prime’s legs are on a ratchet thingy, and his right leg has problems getting into place and “locking” for him to stand up. I was kinda pissed at first thinking i got a bad one but, you just gotta fiddle with it gently, and it’ll go into place fine.

Overall, very nice KO “reissue” of G1 Prime at a great price.


SIEGE Laserbeak and Ravage review


Interesting. Many of the collectors in the FB groups are collecting KOs vs official. One of the things I wonder about is the resale value as proposed before. If that is the argument for completion, second hand sale for KOs are never equal to the original value. They certainly never appreciate.