Transformers Thread


I’ve been reading through some TF books (like Prime Targets) now having finished the final season of beast wars a while ago. I feel that I have watched everything enough times now (gen1 and bw twice through on dvd alone) to reflect on all that is glorious with the series.

So here’s my Top Ten pre- tf: the movie stories:

(air-date order, not preference)

  1. Enter the Nightbird - one of my favorites when it first aired. Ninja robot = beast. A nice stand-alone story

  2. Changing Gears - gears had a shitty character design but his personality was great and I always laugh during this episode

  3. A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court - I love the cheesy 80s fantasy stuff - merlin, the owl, etc.

  4. The God Gambit - mature storyline for TF and a good one. very memorable.

  5. Make Tracks - tracks was my favorite autobot so his two stories rate up there for me. Raoul > Chip

  6. Auto Bop - the other tracks episode, this time complete with great cheesy 80s breakdancing and Blaster vs Soundwave!

  7. Prime Target - enjoyable riff on "The Most Dangerous Game

  8. Starscream’s Brigade - My favorite episode of all when it originally aired. Bruticus was tight as hell and the attitude of the Stunticons was great.

  9. Trans-Europe Express - You wonder why they didnt think of this story (autbots in a cross-country race) earlier

  10. Hoist Goes to Hollywood - was never a big Hoist fan but Tracks does some good stuff in this episode and it is very funny. Its also in Hollywood, nuff said.

Top 5 post-tf: the movie stories:

  1. Webworld - another favorite when it first aired. Galvatron as really, really crazy

  2. Ghost in the Machine - starscream trying to put Unicron back together was mind-boggling when I was a kid and brought back all of the horrible memories from the movie

  3. Only Human - COBRAAAAAAAA!

  4. Grimlock’s New Brian - I always liked COmputron and the Flowers for Algernon-esque ending put a little :sad: in my eye…

  5. The Return of Optimus Prime - ya damn right.

Top Ten Beast Wars Stories:

  1. Beast Wars - sets up the show masterfully, introduces Dinobot and his complexities

  2. Power Surge - always liked this one, Terrorsaur shines

  3. Gorilla Warfare - I would have gone nuts for this one when I was a kid. Balls-out action

  4. The Trigger - Floating island stuff was great, made you want to play it as a video game or something

  5. Possession - one of several G1-heavy episodes.

  6. Before the Storm/Other Voices - setting up the grand plot that was BW, the season finale really amps things up and gives us a great cliffhanger.

  7. Coming of the Fuzors - I loved the Sergio Leone touches throughout both of these episodes. Lots of good violence too

  8. Code of Hero - my only complaint is that I would have liked this to happen in the midst (or end) of a 2 or 3 parter but still the greatest.

  9. The Agenda - Even better than the first season’s finale, this is perhaps the single best storyline in Beast Wars or G1 Transformers. Megatron’s speech at the end as he is about to blast Optimus still gives me chills.

  10. Nemesis Part 2 - season 3 finale threw in everything and the kitchen sink. Although it wrapped up way too quick, it was still very rewarding, especially Waspinator’s fate.

So yeah, use this thread to talk about whatever.


RAMPAGE was the greatestest BeastWars character, he was sooooooo gangster.
He came out so fierce, and then for no reason everyone started no-selling him.

Id have to say my fav episode was where he and SilverBolt both befriended the retard.
And they tried to construe its juvenille mind to good or evil.


What Vehicle would Septimus Prime turn into? :bgrin:

Back on topic, when Optimus Prime came back to life in order to stop the Robot AIDS, How did they eventually stop that virus type thing that was turning all of them crazy? For some reason that has been bugging me lately.

I was going to post this in the thinking out loud thread but this thread miraculously appeared right before I decided to post. :rofl:


he used the matrix to destroy the virus, lighting our darkest hour n all

lmao :clap: that was Transmutate :rofl:


You goin to evo? Man I gotta cop those Beast Wars DVDs off you.
And Throne of Blood.

I also like Inferno’s first appeareance, he comes out hella gangster too.
Then he becomes the best comic relief of the entire series.



Just got my Astrotrain reissue a couple days ago, now I just order the Insecticons. G1 for life baby.


Haha, that was a great episode. Rampage/Starscream was an awesome character, and an even more awesome toy. Can you imagine the Beast Wars/DBZ madness in that storyline if Rampage had his whole Spark, and then merged it with Starscream’s in the Ark like Optimus and Megatron did? GGPO universe. :cybot:


Nice :tup: nthat list took some time…

I dont have the names of episodes since my intire boxset is at my friends house in N.C…

I like “Starscreams Brigade” and “Call of the Primitives” had the best animation from all transformers episodes…except for Tranformers VICTORY that series had some very detailed hardcore japanese animation in it atleast 50% of the time…the animators showed and proved on that series


That was a hate plague that started from some spores found in a meteor. It apparently made anyone who came into contact with it to release all the rage with in, instant level 3 k groove.

Optimus put an end to it by opening up the autobot matrix, releasing all the stored wisdom inside it. Apparently the way to stop hate is to use knowledge and wisdom and understanding or something. At least the played the “You got the touch” song that was in the transformers movie at that part. :tup:

I have the entire first generations transformers dvd set, from the starting escape from cybertron to the last saga with the headmasters and scorpinox/fortress maximus (who you see for 15 seconds each).

If you have some questions about the original generation transformers, i can try to look up the answers, though the entire series is quite huge, 5 multi dvd boxes :wow:


Out of all the original Beast Wars group, I thought Cheetor being the young inexperienced shit was the weakest at first. But fuck by the series finally, especially in his final form (Transmetal 2 I think), the nigga was the fucking shit.

The season 3 finally was tight, but I was shocked at how Megatron owned Optimus so badly, shit his upgrade at the beginning seemed like he was unstoppable.


A septic tank.

The wisdom from the Matrix killed the hate plague, but emptied the Matrix in the process.


Transmetals 2 Cheetor was the shit.


Stiekem’s fav G1 episodes: (bound to leave some blanks gotta watch some episodes again…)

  • Starscream’s Brigade/Revenge of Bruticus
  • Webworld
  • Call of the Primatives
  • Triple Takeover
  • Return of Optimus Prime (red spore thingy)


Ban hammer.


Beasties was a great show. The episode where Dinobot goes down is one of my all time favs, it brought a tear to my eye. Shame about Beast Machines though.


Out of all the TF’s… who was your fav?

My is Starscream from G1. The ambition, the treachery, the smarts… you cannot deny the fact that he was the definition of a Decepticon. And even after all that he did to overthrow Megatron, he still kept him around(well, megs casted him away a couple times, but he always took him back). Even in the first episode you can see his character shine. Plus, he was the only one wit the balls to throw Megatron off of Astrotrain on their way back to Cybertron, even though he was repairable. What other TF ever lived on as a ghost…


Let me just say that Transformers under any shape or form is the best cartoon of all times.

Soundwave owns everyone’s soul!


Dont forget he has an indestructable spark.


Anybody lookin forward to the live action TF movie? I really hope this doesnt get fucked up. Last I heard, the release date is 7-4-07


yeah, by the team that brought you the island…