Transformers Thread

I love the Prowl.
Menasor is Nemesis Rod, lol

What the hell are you talking about?

Marvel or Dreamwave?

Meh, either way, its a definate ‘yes’.

Yeah both Marvel and DW are good. Some ppl are a bit sketchy on IDW due to the fact that they focus more on the humans and events taking place around the tfs. They try to play more into that whole “robots in diguise” motto. I’m not too sure about the devil’d due GI Joe/TF series. I like it but u gotta be someone who adores the 80’s to see two 80’s cartoon/toy giants duke it out. And be a G1 fan as well.

The black and purple Rodimus repaint back there. last time I saw, Menasor consisted of four cars and a semi truck, not the Autobot who got Optimus Prime killed.

They (IDW) actually rectified this, when people complained about it, and the majority of their titles now focus almost entirely on the Transformers. Check out Transformers: Stormbringer. Fucking classic. Then theres the Spotlight On series, which are pretty damn nice.

EDIT: Can someone scan the covers to the Instruction Booklets for both MP Starscream, and Megatron for me? Theres a nice juciy Chocolate Cookie with your name on it if ya do!

Yeah, like I said. You know that’s a convention exclusive and not a mass release product, right? The name choice is bizarre, but this is hardly the first case of name reuse. And last I saw, Menasor was a big tankish thingy in Cybertron.

And about half the Dreamwave comics are pretty good, and some are pretty shitty. All contain high production value and art ranging anywhere from good to god awful. But if you’re just reading scans, then go ahead and read 'em.

Did anyone get those Nike transformers? I’m curious about your feedback.

Behold the new Trailer !

could have some used some more new footage, but the TF sequences look great imo… The beginning was a bit too cheesy tho…


Ho shit, I heard the original transformation SFX. :tup:

While the stills and renders looked like shit, seeing some of them in motion doesnt look half bad.

I’m still not falling over my feet excited, but I will go and see it. No doubt.

movie looks decent. it’ll be AMAZING if the robots actually have a soul and personality (like in the cartoons). If they turn out to be living robots that shoot things, then no thanks.

Have 'em @ BBTS, not shipped yet. Will let you know an opinion when I get 'em. Since they are the same mold with just headswaps, I’ll probably be getting rid of Prime. :arazz:

New Trailer is lurvely. Makes me want a Blackout toy, liek NOW.

Arrgh, upgrade time again.

What version of Quicktime do you need to see the trailer? (For those who’ve d/led it in .mov format)

I still have yet to hear this. I saw the trailer last night before 28 Weeks Later and didn’t hear it at all.

even newer trailer:

The transform sound was heard at one of the test screenings earlier this year…

I dunno, it just sounds tacked on, I thought the sound was going to be reimagined.

Designs are bad and all that, but ILM’s seriously earning their paychecks with this movie.

watching it again,

You see Megatron stepping on Jazz on a rooftop.

Also, a minute G1 homage, Megatron is swinging a mace at Spike . Eagle eyed viewers and MP-05 owners will recognize it from More than meets the eye part2. tho that was an energon mace lol…

Spike’s dad is an asshole lol…

I’m getting pumped for this movie. Sorta just a casual Transformer fan, but I LOVED them back in the day.

jazz squeeks like a squeeze toy
i hope jazz isnt the fcking whipping dog of this movie, he was always my favorite as a kid
mad nostalgic about jazz
cking chewtoy hollywood fuckups