It’s a pretty simple browser game, but alot of fun, the video explains it but if you don’t feel like watching it I can just explain.

You are a mouse in this game and so is everyone else you are playing with, you guys wanna go get cheese and bring it back to your hole. But every map there is something new in the way of your goal.

Luckily one of the players is a Shaman Mice, with magical powers to create shit to help you guys get the cheese, this can lead to team work or just the shaman trolling everyone whatever goes, some levels even have multiple shamans.

Anyways it’s a lot of fun and I’m sure people would enjoy it.



oh my fucking god i have not laughed so hard in a while

gonna start playing this tomorrow


This game looks fucking amazing.


Woahly fuck
if the servers weren’t overloaded because of Kotaku or something I’d play this way too much.


too bad the servers are getting overloaded like fuck


haha this game is awesome


Best way to play is to download the win32 client. You can open as many as you want and just try to log in on the one that actually loads. Make sure you register in order to play. To join a room with friends, just do /join xx, where xx being the number of the room.

You gain points by grabbing the cheese and returning to the hidey hole as soon as you can. The faster you do it, the more points you get. Once you have the most points for the next map, you get to be the shaman for that map (sometimes maps have two shamans). C, V, B, N create anchor points for the items you can make. Press the same buttons again to shift anchor points. Hitting Space will create a ghost object that affects objects in the game, but not players. Once the map is done, you lose all your points and have to gain them back up to be the shaman.

This game is pretty fun, but best played with friends on some sort of chat program (Team Speak or Ventrilo) for epic hilarity.