Transforming a SIXAXXIS into a Sanwa Custom Stick - Please Help

Hello everybody

I want to make a Custom Stick with Sanwa Parts and want to use my old SIXAXXIS Pad for it. What i have is this

For the Joysick part, i want to use this

For the Buttons this

Question, how can i connect the Joystick and the Buttons to the Pad? The circle in the first picture shows the Pin-connector, or whatever the name is for this. I think i need a new one with cables to connect the buttons to it. where can i get one? and how can i connect the Joystick to it?

Sorry for my bad English and the noob questions;-) but this is my very first Custom Stick Project.

Hope you Guys can help me.
Oh, and when i need any other parts than this, can you show me a link to a european shop? cause im from Germany.
Thx to everybody

there are two threads on the first page of this forum that deal with this question.

official sixaxis adapter thread and Do it Yourself sixaxis adapter