Transforming an Arcade Cabinet Control Panel into a Supergun


I have a Super Turbo cabinet I made from an old Lethal Enforcers cabinet, that uses american parts (IL Eurosticks) and a TV (arcade monitor burned out, tv + converter was cheaper than arcade monitor).
The problem is, I don’t have a ton of space for it, and trying to bring it to game nights and spread the ST love is impossible (the cabinet is incredibly heavy and hard to move, even with the locking casters I put on).
How would you turn this control panel into a supergun setup? Would you cut the CP in half and make two bulky sticks? Make a case for the CP as is and have shoulder to shoulder fighting? If so what would make it the right height?

I do not have a lot of money, so a UDCPS2 or waiting for the USB converters to come out isn’t really an option. I know most people like their own sticks or Sanwa/Seimitsu stuff, but I think the eurosticks work pretty well. There are local gaming nights, but I don’t really give a rats about SF4/MK/KI/etc. Would you keep it a cabinet locked away forever in a shed? :frowning:
Any ideas or brainstorming would be great! Thanks guys!


I would not chop apart a cab just to make a Super Gun.
I would build a new box/ panel for your Super gun. I would make the main Super Gun separate from the controller panel.

2 Separate sticks would be more convent for game night, but you could do it as a all-in-one unit if you want to be frugal.


Agreed. Just hit up Home Depot for some plywood and contact paper for stick cases on a budget. Making a box for US parts requires fewer tools/know how than a properly mounted Japanese stick.

I don’t see what you would really gain by pillaging that cab.


Maybe if you can find it cheap a surplus Military Ammo Can or other military storage container.
Jasen Hick’s first Super Gun was made from a Ammo Can.


I’ve got an extra xbox 360 console case from an RROD death that I could donate to the cause. You pay shipping and you can have the case to build your supergun.


You mean like this?



HDR Classic mode or ST Dreamcast should be enough to spread the ST love…Then again ST guys are bunch of elitist & snobbish bunch of gamers i ever encounter. I take it you can only play just "authentic’ ST?..Then i would suggest you buy yourself a cheap multi-cart like the Blue Elf Jamma & then just sell it with your cab for like $250-$300.

Use that money to invest in a super-gun, get on the list for Undamned USB converters, & then spread the authentic ST love.


I guess I’ll be waiting and making a different supergun setup I can just take the board out of the cabinet with.
Dreamcast ST is fantastic, imo, but finding sticks to use on the Dreamcast is almost impossible these days. Any ideas on where to find sticks or converters still?


Toodles Cthulhu and the PS360+ works on dreamcast


There are definitely some of those in the ST crowd. That said, the community also has some superheroes.

I like to think that - at least in part - the snobbish attitude is informed by ST’s history of less than ideal console ports.


Every scene has its share of bad apples, but doesn’t necessarily reflect the bunch. It’s tricky with ST since it has its roots dated back 20 years, and thus that scene is used to having solid arcade setups to play one. Once that becomes the standard, it’s hard to deviate down to shitty console ports, and so that ‘arcade-only’ standard just gets reinforced over time.

I say fuck it, HDR classic on xbox on ASUS monitors.


HDR on classic mode beats out transporting 2 candy cabs to a tournament where the TO dont give a shit about. Im curious about Undamn’s supergun setup, i believe someone is bringing it to Northwest majors.


I’m a bigger fan of being emulated ST. ST on shmupmame or groovymame set up properly feels as good as arcade ST, and it’s completely free. The legality of it is a bigger issue at major tournaments though.

Undamned setups are awesome. I haven’t heard a negative word about it. Do you know if the NWM is going to stream the ST tournament?


I doubt it, NWM didn’t give a shit about ST last year & it was a main game not a side tourney…If it wasn’t for myself who brought the head2head arcade cabs, the ST participants who ran the brackets, & my buddy Josh who was awesome enough to stream it there probably would have been no ST.

Its a side event this year, so its not looking good.


I live in Brazil and barely wait to get my USB decoders Undamned arrive will not mount a super gun rather extend the controls of my arcade cabinet.


^^ That looks absolutely amazing. Kraylix cab?