Transhuman only Olympics?


The above article from the journal Nature describes various performance enhancing drugs/procedures that athletes use. It also posits possibly having athletic contests without restrictions so we can see the full extent of human capabilities.

What say you SRK? Good or Bad idea?


This is not what I thought you meant by transhuman, but why the fuck not? As long as we can actually kill them when they rage out, I’m all for it.

After that, can we have gameshows about hunting humans for sport?


Lol, what did you think I meant Ben?

Personally I think it’s a potentially good idea with some serious consequences. I mean the athletes will have to be fully informed about the risks which are many from using these drugs and procedures, but if they are willing to accept the risk it could get really interesting. At the very least if you wanted to juice or whatever you can do it without hiding it.(In Pro Body-Building for instance it’s pretty much expected which is why you also have Natural Body Building competitions for those who don’t use any kinds of juice or whatnot, pretty marked difference in musculature).


The Olympics are already the most drugged-up sporting event in the world


Well shit, there’s benefits with the risks. Like massive money and muscles. Being a real-live goddamn superhero. Hell, I’ll accept money to get juiced up and throw a ball around/break people in half. I need the muscles anyway, my girlish figure isn’t doing anyone any good.


Well I’ve heard that it was the Tour De France actually.

Point with this though is that you wouldn’t have to hide juicing, it’d all be out in the open to measure the limits of human performance(though performance augmented by whatever means necessary)


Even though at that point they’d all be superhumans? Metahumans? Batmen?


Hell yeah, who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of cyberneticlly and genetically enhanced freaks running faster than cheetas whilst on a cocktail of all the performance enhancing drugs they can take?

We need to see runners with the legs of kangaroos, javlin tossers with hydraulic arms and footballers with the ability to take a scratch on the shin without needing to be taken out on a stretcher.


Everything Athletic like should invole drugs and other enhancing things. Shit needs to be more interesting to watch.


Drug use nothing.
I want humans crossbred with sharks and doing endurance races without coming up for air.
I want to see a man trade his legs for wheels and shape his skull into cone shape in order to do 100 meters in under 5 seconds.
I want go-go gadget spring spring jumpers crossing football fields in a single bound.
I want to see 8 foot supermen with hydraulic arms beat each other to death in a boxing ring.

That is the future of sports.


Somewhat relevant

The Man Whose Arms Exploded






I’d be down with a competition where any doping is fair game, but if you’d allow cyborg legs and shit you might as well just have a robot olympics aka battlebots



Don’t 404
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Especially not the fighting pictures!


He was using something that forces the body to retain oil in muscles and his shit exploded…

Not lifting… if he made his muscles explode legit… then I’d have some gotdamn respect…


Nooo…I think he was injecting the oil ITSELF. Silly bastard should’ve just earned the muscles. That was just some do-it-yourself cosmetic crap, no strength gains.


Synthol isn’t a performance enhancing drug. It’s just a oil injection to give your body a more ‘pumped’ look. It doesn’t make you stronger or make your muscles bigger. The irony is, if you’re even semi-serious about athletics, you can tell people injected with synthol on a quick glance.

Most of you can tell fake boobs in a split second. That’s how is how synthol injection is for people that weight train, too. It’s just stupid.


Back to the topic: Performance enhancing drugs (namely, anabolic steroids) has been ingrained in the athletics since the 60’s and has been around since the 30’s with German Olympic weight lifters. As much as I am against performance enhancing drugs, it’s a problem that’s been deep rooted for decades and very difficult to eradicate.

But that’s also why there are ‘natural’ powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, etc. federations where illegal drugs are strictly screened.