I witnessed a pretty interesting article the other day and it was this…

In short basically we were able to upload 700 terabytes of data into the human DNA code. Of course there’s no current way for us to encrypt this data it really makes me wonder just how close we might be getting to trans-humanism. If you don’t know, transhumanism is basically the idea that eventually our current biological form will be obsolete and we will have to take control of our own evolution through modification of the human genome. Lately we’ve been doing it though machinery(prosthetic limbs, military exoskeletons, etc) but with this we may actually be taking the first step creating copies of the human mind as scientist have been predicting that we will be seeing more and more of this within our lifetime.
Is it just science fiction?
Will humanity doom itself long before we can get to this point?
Is it ethical?
Are you for it or against it?

If you’re interested you should also look up some details on the Singularity which is essentially the ultimate goal of transhumanism


For Science, all feats are accomplishments.
For God, all things simply are. Science will never, ever catch up. Science is emulating.
Technology impresses upon the people.
God impresses upon the soul.
I am not religious. I am spiritual. There are agents within the church who have hijacked the good word in the name of scientific dogma.
Inasmuch as there are agents within Science who have hijacked technology in the name of religious supremacy. Neither extreme is correct.
A quantum leap is coming. We are preparing to create a very unnatural form of collective consciousness. This is another attempt to disconnect us from God.
When I say God, I mean ourselves and each other.

If this so called Utopian Dream becomes reality, they won’t have to hunt me down. I will set myself on fire.
They are going to play God and decide for themselves who stays, who goes, and which pages of history are unwritten forever.
Not everyone will be eligible for superhuman status. I used to be for it. I see the beauty in it. I’m not worried. I love the bomb.

I just prefer to have a mind and a soul. My body is borderline useless as it is. I couldn’t care less for these pitiful enhancements. I can already process information at untold speeds.


I never asked for this.


Though there may be some truth to this you can’t forget that the idea of God is subjective to many people. You obviously view God as independent from humanity as a whole however there are quite a lot of folks with me to an extent that believe that we are all our own personal God’s and that once we realize that the universe is what we make of it we can begin to break out of the binds of reality and advance towards the pursuit of knowledge.


All America really wants to know is…are prices on hard drives gonna drop now? Cuz I could REALLY use a couple $40 3tb externals, son.


It’s all relative. I only gave my opinion. I’ve been on both sides of this fence. Cybernetic implants are not necessary for the breaking of binds or the pursuit of knowledge. It can all be done, metaphysically and with a much smaller carbon footprint. The Universe is what we make it, but the extermination squads who are programmed to turn planet earth into a sci-fi take on Hitler’s Earth? Lots of people will never have the opportunity to make anything of the universe when such technologies fall into the hands of madmen. We can’t even play nicely with nuclear weapons. We can’t even inhabit earth harmoniously. Nothing will make me believe that the ability to program people directly, instead of subliminally, will go well.

As I said. This is for the elite. I am elite. Do I want pain for humanity? No. Of course they’re going to make you beg for it, like you beg for everything else that goes wrong and breaks down. Too much group think taking place as it is. You’ve got to realize what this is really about. This isn’t Ghost in the Shell. This is confinement and containment, just like our dying monetary system. Soon, cash won’t exist. That will eventually break too. Soon, minds won’t exist.

Believe me. This is the stuff of dreams. But whose dreams? One man’s dream can be another man’s nightmare. Careful.


Doritos and Sprite, great combination, great snacks.

I’m for it. Why? Because.


I understand that there’s the possibility of certain things falling into the wrong hands but I personally think it’s still worth a shot and can be greatly beneficial in the long run. I mean when the first men and women discovered fire they probably had no idea what to do with it and had no way of controlling it at first, people were getting shit wrecked left and right, some people probably died. But I would never suggest the idea that maybe playing with fire was a bad idea because of the fact that it can be used to hurt people otherwise there’d be a lot of stuff that we don’t have these days that we rely on.
Also I’m not too sure what you mean when you say minds won’t exist. As I see the only thing that will break down in human separation(different countries, religion, etc) as I personally feel that people taking pride in petty things such as flags and using them to identify themselves is well…petty. That’s probably just me though.


Ghost in the Shell.


When the Industrial Revolution was taking hold, we where promised that humans would usher in a new era where we had to work less.

When the automitization of the Industrial Revolution took off, we where promised that mechanization would make us work even less and allow us to peruse other goals to enrich humanity

With the ability to genetically engineer foods, we where promised that hunger would be a non issue

With the advent of the computer and internet we where promised that information would be free and more people would have access to education

They where right in all cases, but it only benefited a few, and kept the status quo for many. This is nothing new, and as with any new technology, science will allow greedy individuals to steal and hide the technology for the sake of profit.

good shit science. Grow a pair.

you called culture petty (directly or indirectly). Think about that for a second, the issue isn’t that people identify themselves through symbols, the problem is that people fail to acknowledge that they aren’t the only rain droplet in the field.


Is it just science fiction?

for now it might be, but will it be that way forever, highly unlikely, and depending on the circles of information you open your ears to, some might say we’re making headway in it right now, but obviously that kind of science isn’t for mainstream media. cliche to say, but its the simple and honest truth. a good percentage of americans cannot handle homosexuals, especially homosexual males, and another chunk outside of those folks are on the fence because they haven’t been taught any better. so i could only imagine them having an opinion, and or accepting transhuman science. ****

Will humanity doom itself long before we can get to this point?

no likely unless its extraterrestrial or another false flag operation of epic proportions. as we are now i think we have the ability to trot along like slugs for another couple decades if we’re allowed to. people in 1st world countries these days are way to pussy to start a true revolution, and go to war against the true corrupt in order to have a better future, and poorer countries just know they have no chance in hell in an uprising at all. theyre also too busy concerned about just getting water, food, sex, and love just to get through the week. so no, its not likely we destroy ourselves unless thats from something environmental of this planet, or extraterrestrial like a big ass meteor, and or a false flag attack leading into the biggest world war to date. but just us little dumb motherfucker 86’in ourselves. nah, we’re too zombified for that.

Is it ethical?

well the real question would be what are the ethics even based off of? do our man made ethics really even matter enough to bother concerning about ethical issues of the science fiction technology right around the corner that turns our normal world into a fucking episode of dbz. i mean, we might deem things unethical and they arent, or its not clear enough to say without a doubt yes this is unethical. off topic a little, but is it unethical how the universe works, and that one day our sun will burn out, and whoever is here billions of years from now will have to hold dat shit if they dont have the technology to save themselves. im just saying, we’re worried about what, is it ethical if we create commercial superhuman suits and succesfully create a better, smarter, stronger creation then this now, and a meteor the size of deleware could come and pwn all that shit in the blink of an eye anyways. so im off topic, but my point is it needs to be open for debate, but i think we waste far to much time on debating ethics, morality, and ideals, never seeing the bigger picture of how puny we are in the grander scheme of things. our planet is a dot compared to the sun, and our sun is a dot of a dot compared to the larges sun we are aware of. fucking human ethics. lol. they have there place, but just sayin.

** Are you for it or against it?**

im for it, but who are going to be the regulators of this science, and the technology to come in general. we have yet to develop a system where we can intrust someone to not create something like a superhuman suit that doesnt have some fucking backdoor that grants them access to all your data without your knowledge, and who is someone to tell you you cant be a god. why, because we might make mistakes and abuse the power? yup, thats life. there has to be regulations, which im sure smarter minds could implement these great ideas into future bio tech, and future tech in general, but when i look at the state of security in our country alone, and the high level of stupidity, ignorance, frustration, hate, etc… yeah, im fine not having the next pussy ass cry baby serial killer having access to a super suit or being half human half cheetah. i mean and this too, even with regulation comes the black market. people will always not fully be on board, and maybe for good reason, and there will always be a way to abuse seemingly regulated and controlled technology. to have a future of superhumans of all sorts, we’re not having anything close to the right discussions at all. firewalls, encryptions, etc… only take you but so far to stop people.

** Opinions.**

thats my partial drunk opinion, but its a pretty indepth topic that will bounce from philosophical banter to technology, back to philosophy, then over to psychology, etc… its complex****


Take a break from Ghost in the Shell.


I’ve been telling people for years that the future is going to be like Ghost in the Shell. Masamune got it right.


I thought this thread was about being transsexual.

I will leave now.


On average, we do work less, and are more educated.

On average, we do work less, and are more educated. (p.s. Automization? lol)

While it increased food production efficiency, and the research continues to improve food production, unchecked population growth will continue until there are again too many people to feed. So they did succeed on one end, failing to take into account the growth rate of population on the other end.

And we continue to strive to provide free information and internet access to everyone, as a basic human right. I think we’ve advanced quite a long ways in our lifetime.

People do that. Science is an abstract philosophy we try to follow. You are ignoring the progress we’ve made as a civilization in the past hundreds of years, or heck, even in your own life time.

Star Trek the next generation is what I hope our future holds for us.


Not only is the universe queerer than you imagine, it is queerer than you can imagine. - kshadhsdhk


do we really? Every where I look people work more than 8 hours a day. Not everybody will have to luxury of an office job, either because its inaccessible or because they aren’t enough to go around. We still work till we die. I also meant automation.

The better the automation, the faster and harder people have to work to keep up.

and yes, science had gone to great lenghts, but it continues to not care enough.

Look at the business of medicine and health.
sure information is free, but free information is worthless and invalid without validation, and validation form sources of authority go up, while sources of information from accredited institutions go up in value as well.

As for you last statement, it could be, but is it feasible?


With the advent of hammers, we were promised the ability to put nails into wood, but we hit ourselves on our thumbs and now hammers have allowed our thumbs to hurt.

Grow a pair, humanity.


As for my last statement, I don’t know, it’s just my hope.

Take a step back in time to before the industrial revolution.

We can do this today by going to rural areas in the Amazon, for instance. Many people there still live mostly in tribes. They farm and hunt as they have for possibly thousands of years, with some advances in technology. It is a hard life. They work all day just to eat and drink, so they can relax at night, so they can survive, and do it all again tomorrow. It’s easy to see in their bodies how hard their lives are and how much shorter their life spans will be, and had been for their ancestors. Their level of education is just enough to survive with little to no vision of how to improve things for the next generation. I know we’ve improved upon that.

The better the automation, the less people have to work. Tools allowed modern agriculture, allowing mass farming by fewer people, allowing cities where literally no one needs to raise their own food because a grocery store is easier. This has allowed the population to grow exponentially. It has also allowed people to focus on other things, such as anything from scientific research to the latest gossip magazine/tv show.

Free information is not ‘worthless,’ but it is ‘worth less’ than a validated source of information. Education is the key to distinguishing between nonsense and fact. I agree, validation from sources of expertise is crucial. The free flow of information allows such a place to exist, where experts and casual users alike can look things up quickly and with some confidence that it is probably correct. We really are trying to make such a place where ‘free information’ and ‘validated information’ go hand in hand. While the opposite ‘useless’ data from tv shows/gossip/nonsense may exist, if someone needs to, they may be able to use the internet to fact check and find those sources of expertise, even if it’s about the latest gossip.


So many unfunny smart-asses in this thread.

I won’t name names. You know who you are.